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Cross-cultural pen pals
Fall 2011
One morning this spring a group of WSU students from Jeff Petersen’s Communication Studies 321 class fills half of a small lecture hall at Spokane’s Riverpoint campus. They have traveled here from Pullman to meet their pen pals, 5th...
Categories: Education, WSU students
Tags: Native Americans, Science education

Review :: A Chinaman’s Chance
Fall 2011
WSU English professor Alex Kuo’s newest collection of poetry, A Chinaman’s Chance: New and Selected Poems 1960-2010, will sadden, fascinate, and unexpectedly jar its readers into a fresh perspective of the sometimes terrifying world that ...
Categories: Poetry
Tags: Race, China

After a fashion
Summer 2011
Fall fashion week in Pullman featured a stovepipe silhouette and shorter hemline. Black and rhinestones were in, as were gold shoes and feathered cloches. These weren’t new designs. They were elegant Jazz Age outfits hand-picked by...
Categories: History, Architecture and design
Tags: Apparel design, Fashion, Vintage clothing

Review :: Murder at Foxbluff Lake
Summer 2011
Cougar fans of all ages will enjoy reading Jesse E. Freels’s first book, Murder at Foxbluff Lake, a Coug Hawkins mystery. The novel tells the story of Coug, the teenage son of a WSU football legend, who goes on a camping trip with...
Categories: Fiction
Tags: Mystery novels, Eastern Washington

Review :: Friends of the Old Mill
Spring 2011
This new roots-rock album has compelling lyrics, musical variety, and an overall upbeat feel. Cody Beebe and the Crooks (most of whom are WSU alumni) offer up twelve tracks with titles such as “Nine to Chain,” “Change of Pace,” and “H...
Categories: Music
Tags: Folk rock, Country music, Blues rock

Review :: Black Leapt In
Spring 2011
In Chris Forhan’s latest collection of poems, Black Leapt In, the writer draws upon his childhood in Seattle, using striking natural images and startling honesty and insight. He balances straightforward description of the environment he grew ...
Categories: Poetry
Tags: Seattle, Family

Review :: Mommy, Are We French yet?
Winter 2010
Don’t have enough money to travel to Europe? Sit down with this humorous memoir by Shawn Underwood and it’s easy to take an imaginary journey to France with Shawn and her family. Shawn and her husband Craig made the decision to live abroad in ...
Categories: Humor
Tags: France, Travel