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Pam Nolan-Beasley ’88—Physics for five-year-olds
Fall 2014

Pam Nolan-Beasley ’88, a kindergarten teacher at Waitsburg Elementary School, says kids at that age are sponges for science education.

Categories: Alumni, Education
Tags: Kindergarten, Science education

Charting the course of a globe-trotting pathogen
Summer 2014

Jeb Owen and David Crowder, WSU entomologists and “disease detectives” chart the spread of West Nile virus in a Pacific Science Center exhibit.

Categories: Health sciences, Entomology
Tags: Diseases, West Nile Virus, Science education

Machine in the Classroom
Summer 2014

Teaching with new technology may involve a microscope and iPad or an affordable circuit board. School children have some exciting new tools with which to conduct experiments and explore their worlds, but now teachers have to decide how to use them.

Categories: Education, Engineering
Tags: Computers, Microscopes, iPad, Science education

Ask Dr. Universe
Summer 2014

Ask Dr. Universe returns, rested and ready to answer science questions.

Categories: Education
Tags: Science education, Dr. Universe

Engineers in the Making
Fall 2012

At a time when Washington is a net importer of engineers, a more appreciative vocabulary could tempt a new generation of students into studying engineering.

Categories: Engineering
Tags: Engineers, Inventors, Science education

Some of the most important things your science teacher taught you are wrong
Fall 2011
There’s the science most of us learned as kids. Then there’s the science that scientists actually do.The K-12 variety is more like a cooking class, but with chemicals, goggles, an occasional Erlenmeyer flask, the unforgettable smell of fo...
Categories: Education
Tags: Teaching, Science education

Cross-cultural pen pals
Fall 2011
One morning this spring a group of WSU students from Jeff Petersen’s Communication Studies 321 class fills half of a small lecture hall at Spokane’s Riverpoint campus. They have traveled here from Pullman to meet their pen pals, 5th...
Categories: Education, WSU students
Tags: Native Americans, Science education

Mystery of the Martian mummies
Winter 2002
One of the last places you would expect to find teenage girls in the middle of July is a science classroom. But for Rachel Milhem, Romany Redman, and nine others, the Washington State University Spokane CityLab Young Women's Summer Science Camp la...
Categories: Education
Tags: Science education, Research