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The Murrow boys
Summer 2012
In 1913 Ethel and Roscoe Murrow moved their family from their small farm in North Carolina to the Puget Sound community of Blanchard hoping to find a better living for themselves and their three sons. The worldwide fame of their youngest, Ed...
Categories: Alumni, Washington state history
Tags: Edward R. Murrow, Skagit Valley, Family

A Leonard legacy
Fall 2011
Elmer O. Leonard started as a student at Washington State College in 1915. When the call came in 1918, he headed to Europe and the Great War as a soldier. Like a number of other young men, he was killed in combat and never returned to P...
Categories: Alumni, WSU history
Tags: Family, Veterans, Firefighters

The Strength of Moral Capital
Spring 2011

For people living on the margins of U.S. society, struggling with both poverty and job loss,there is still a desire to conceive of themselves as inheritors of some version of the American Dream.

Categories: Sociology
Tags: Family, Morality, Poverty, Rural life

Maughan Brothers
Winter 2004
Following the death of her husband, H. Delight Maughan raised six children-while teaching full-time. Despite the challenge, she clearly did it right. All three of her scientist sons, Paul, David, and Lowell, have been honored with alumni achievement awards.
Categories: Education, Alumni
Tags: Alumni Achievement Award, Family

WSU Mom of the Year listened to her heart
Fall 2004
In the early 1980s, Susan Jackson of Lakewood wasn't interested in marriage, but longed for a child. Although single-parent international adoptions were rare in those days, within four years she adopted two little girls from India. Jennifer gradua...
Categories: Alumni
Tags: Adoption, Family

Grandfather Extraordinaire
Spring 2004
Jordi Kimes had been a teacher before becoming a stay home mom. She dreamed of returning to Washington State University and earning a doctorate in pharmacy. But she didn't want to put her daughters, ages 7, 3, and 1, in daycare. So she called her ...
Categories: WSU students
Tags: Family, Children

Don Zajac named WSU Dad of the Year
Summer 2003
Like the husband in O. Henry's famous story, "Gift of the Magi," who sold his prized watch to buy his wife a comb for Christmas, Don Zajac sold his vast collection of vintage metal lunch boxes to take his daughter, Meggan Zajac, on a month- long E...
Categories: WSU students
Tags: WSU parents, Dad of the Year, Family