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Drawing on Paris experiences
Summer 2015

Paris calls students to its streets, and those travelers gain new insight and a powerful learning experience on a faculty-led tour of the City of Light.

Categories: Visual arts, WSU students
Tags: Paris, Study abroad

Howard Copp ’57—From houseboy to husband
Summer 2015

Howard Copp was a houseboy at Alpha Gamma Delta at WSU, until his future wife Martha pulled him away.

Categories: WSU students, Alumni
Tags: Marriage, Sorority

Cougar pride on the road and into scholarships
Summer 2015

Philip Behrend and Kayla Leinweber are two students helped by scholarships funded from the crimson WSU license plates.

Categories: Alumni, WSU students
Tags: Scholarships, License plates

Nasty epidemic, neat science
Fall 2014

The H1N1 flu virus outbreak at WSU in 2009 challenged Health and Wellness Services, but gave opportunities for research on the spread of diseases.

Categories: WSU students, Health sciences
Tags: Influenza, Infectious diseases, Health and Wellness Services, H1N1 virus

100 years of the Bookie
Summer 2014

The Bookie, WSU's student-owned bookstore, celebrates 100 years of service to the campus.

Categories: WSU students, WSU history
Tags: Buildings, Bookstore, Bookie

An even playing field
Fall 2013

The Access Center at WSU help mitigate circumstances for students with learning or physical disabilities and help them succeed at the school.

Categories: WSU students, Campus life
Tags: Accessibility, Disabilities

Soldiering on
Summer 2013

In the two years since WSU Tri-Cities leaders pledged to become a veteran-supportive campus, the school has increased its resources to accommodate veteran students and their families. At 8 percent of the student body, a disproportionately high number of students on campus are veterans.

Categories: WSU Tri-Cities, WSU students
Tags: Veterans

A Summer of Science
Winter 2012

Over nine short weeks this summer, undergraduate Laurel Graves helped develop one of the first research projects to measure how much carbon wheat consumes and releases. “The entire world, all 7 billion people,” she says, “and we’re the only ones doing this thing. It’s kind of a crazy thought.”

Categories: WSU students, Biological sciences, Education
Tags: Undergraduate research

What moves you at WSU
Summer 2012
One fuzzy old photograph of construction in downtown Pullman shows images of early days in the city: men laying a foundation by hand, a horse-drawn carriage on the street, a bicycle leaning on a post in the foreground. The photo has no date, b...
Categories: WSU students, Environmental studies, Campus life
Tags: Transportation, Transit, Sustainability

Cross-cultural pen pals
Fall 2011
One morning this spring a group of WSU students from Jeff Petersen’s Communication Studies 321 class fills half of a small lecture hall at Spokane’s Riverpoint campus. They have traveled here from Pullman to meet their pen pals, 5th...
Categories: Education, WSU students
Tags: Native Americans, Science education

A sinking economy sparks scholarships
Winter 2010
Two years ago, Lou Pepper watched the bank he once managed become the largest bank failure in U.S. history.Pepper, a former Washington State University regent, had retired from Washington Mutual in the early 1990s when the bank was sound. But then ...
Categories: Campus life, WSU students
Tags: Economy, Scholarships, Financial aid, College costs

You, too, can run a nuclear reactor
Summer 2010
Particles moving faster than the speed of light. Elements transmuted from one to another. A million watts of power. Hands-on practice controlling a nuclear reactor. These are some of the selling points of Chemistry 490, a specialized elective c...
Categories: Chemistry, WSU students
Tags: Nuclear reactors, Nuclear safety

Skagit Valley studies
Spring 2010
One student has been wading into Padilla Bay to look at eelgrass, another hikes into spinach fields to see if lime can protect the plant from fusarium wilt, and a third is studying the dynamics of conflict among farmers, landowners, environme...
Categories: WSU students, Agriculture
Tags: Research

A century of friendships
Winter 2009
The 1909/1910 Chinook yearbook devoted a full page to “The Installation of the Kappa Sigma.” In the text W.M. Coulter, a founding member of the first national fraternity at Washington State College, notes that the event “marks a new epoch i...
Categories: Campus life, WSU students, Alumni
Tags: Greek system, Fraternity, Sorority

Student of light: Recent grad transcends boundaries
Fall 2007
"When you come to a fork in the road," said Yogi Berra, "take it."Xavier Perez-Moreno has done just that.Last spring the effusive, pony-tailed Spaniard received a Ph.D. conferred by Washington State University and The Catholic University of Leuven...
Categories: Chemistry, Physics, WSU students
Tags: Theoretical physics

Police in the dorms: Security or invasion of privacy?
Fall 2007
One Friday night last winter, a Washington State University police officer walked past the open door of a student's room in Stephenson East and looked in. She smiled and said "Hey," and received a cool "Hi" in reply. As soon as she walked past, th...
Categories: Campus life, WSU students
Tags: Residence halls

The brave new world of college recruiting
Winter 2006
Recruitment used to mean visiting high schools and mailing out applications. Today, with fierce competition for Washington's top students, recruitment is a complex program of target marketing, scholarships, campus visits, and the close attention of admissions counselors.
Categories: WSU students
Tags: Enrollment

Book burden
Winter 2006
It's not news to anyone that textbooks are among a student's biggest expenses. But some of us have figured ways around paying the high prices.This fall, I coaxed my freshman sister, Kaytee, into sharing her book for the human development class we ...
Categories: Campus life, WSU students
Tags: Books, College costs

Blogger's world
Fall 2006
Amelia Veneziano, a junior at Washington State University, has a weakness when it comes time to do her homework. When she settles in to her Pullman apartment and turns on her computer, instead of researching a paper or e-mailing a professor, she k...
Categories: WSU students, Communication, Websites
Tags: Internet, Blogs

Foreign stories
Summer 2006
Crista Ames and Junko Matsumura are both bright, friendly, and soft-spoken. They are just a few months apart in age. And both want to go out and see the world.It was these common interests that brought the student from Kennewick and the student fr...
Categories: WSU students, Campus life
Tags: On Campus Living, Foreign Exchange

Bridging two cultures
Spring 2006
A small school district radically retools to serve its Hispanic students.
Categories: Education, WSU students
Tags: Latinos, Latinas, Diversity, High school students

Maybe tomorrow: Graduate student follows his heart into uncharted territory
Winter 2005
Just as Washington State University political science student Steve Overfelt was finishing his master's degree coursework and preparing to write his thesis, he decided to put it off. And his advisor, Prof. Martha Cottam, encouraged him to do so.Wa...
Categories: WSU students
Tags: Tsunami, Volunteer, Sri Lanka

How Coug Are You?
Fall 2005
Would you paint your airplane crimson and gray? Or drive hundreds of miles to wave the Cougar flag at a non-Coug game? Or keep a concrete cougar in your yard? Well, how Coug are you?
Categories: Alumni, WSU students
Tags: Fashion, Cougar gear, Cougar pride

Bringing couture to campus
Fall 2005
The annual Mom's Weekend fashion show last spring featured the work of 13 Washington State University student designers. It was an impressive display, considering that it was the first time many of the young designers had created a multi-piece col...
Categories: WSU students, Visual arts
Tags: Design, Fashion

An International Romance
Fall 2005
Maxime Guinel wanted to do something different. So he left his home in Brittany, went to college in Manchester, England, then came to Washington State University in 2002 to pursue his doctorate. A week after he arrived in Pullman, he met Sophia Su...
Categories: WSU students
Tags: Romance

Student engineers learn by doing
Spring 2005
In Mechanical Systems Design, a course required for graduation, mechanical engineering students at Washington State University complete real projects for real companies. Last fall, project sponsors included Sterling Technology and Siltronic Corpor...
Categories: WSU students, Engineering
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The Cougars take Seattle
Winter 2004
It's one of those quintessential late-summer days in Seattle. Clear in the morning, warm, gathering clouds by late afternoon, the air heavy and muggy. The tourists are tired, making their way back to the hotel for an early dinner. It is Friday, ru...
Categories: Alumni, WSU students
Tags: Seattle, Marching band, Cougar pride

Guiding Student-Athletes to Academic Success
Winter 2004
Balancing academic and athletic commitments in college can be a tough. On top of classes, labs, assignments, studying, and tests, student-athletes devote an enormous amount of time to conditioning and practice, plus travel and competing. Some 450 ...
Categories: WSU students, Athletics
Tags: Education

Solving Boeing's Problems
Spring 2004
The Boeing Company has a problem.Lindsey Caton, a Boeing vision sensors and optics specialist, has taken apart yet another $3,500 camera that he has been trying to use to document the company's manufacturing processes. Out of it oozes Boelube, the...
Categories: WSU students, Engineering
Tags: Boeing

Grandfather Extraordinaire
Spring 2004
Jordi Kimes had been a teacher before becoming a stay home mom. She dreamed of returning to Washington State University and earning a doctorate in pharmacy. But she didn't want to put her daughters, ages 7, 3, and 1, in daycare. So she called her ...
Categories: WSU students
Tags: Family, Children

Regents Scholars Reception: Young Scholars, Good Cheer
Spring 2004
Seth Lake of Olympia mimicked the fetal position he reverted to the day his roommate's family met him for the first time, shivering under a hat, coat, and blanket on the couch, sicker than a dog.A hungry John Leraas, also of Olympia, overspent his ...
Categories: WSU students
Tags: Regents, Awards

Cooking for 7,000
Summer 2003
So what are students eating? Just about everything. And how much?
Categories: Food, WSU students
Tags: Dining halls

Don Zajac named WSU Dad of the Year
Summer 2003
Like the husband in O. Henry's famous story, "Gift of the Magi," who sold his prized watch to buy his wife a comb for Christmas, Don Zajac sold his vast collection of vintage metal lunch boxes to take his daughter, Meggan Zajac, on a month- long E...
Categories: WSU students
Tags: WSU parents, Dad of the Year, Family

The More You Learn: Distance Degree Program celebrates its tenth
Spring 2003
What it came down to was that Michele Candela needed a college education-but it was going to have to come to her rather than her going to campus. When she made the trip from Bainbridge Island to Pullman for commencement last May, it was the first ...
Categories: WSU students, Global Campus
Tags: Distance education

Students join Cyprus to tackle hunger
Fall 2002
On the morning of March 30, the United Nations Security Council held an emergency session at the UN building to discuss the crisis in the Middle East. At the same time, three floors down in Conference Room 4, I was giving a presentation on world h...
Categories: WSU students, Social work
Tags: Hunger

An untamed mind
Summer 2002
Two minutes into our interview in Thompson Hall, Katherine Grimes—“Katie,” on second reference—must leave. She can’t concentrate, because the murmurs of students passing outside the closed door are amplified to rock-concert cacophony in ...
Categories: WSU students, Health sciences
Tags: Autism

"You'll miss it"
Spring 2002
“I liked science classes because they were applicable, and I’ve always been logical. But music adds some structure."Nothing navigates the left brain-right brain divide more effectively than guilt and loyalty.For proof, just pick the br...
Categories: Performing arts, WSU students, Biological sciences
Tags: Music, Students

$3 million WSU scholarship program targets Washington high school seniors
Winter 2001
HIGH-ACHIEVING Washington high school seniors who choose to enroll at Washington State University could share more than $3 million in scholarship awards under the University’s new Regents Scholars Program.“The program aims to recognize outsta...
Categories: WSU students
Tags: Scholarships

WSU reports record enrollment
Winter 2001
Over the past year fall semester enrollment at Washington State University’s four campuses grew by 2.5 percent—from 21,248 to 21,794. The freshman class at the Pullman campus is the second largest in history and the most div...
Categories: WSU students, Campus life
Tags: Students, Diversity