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The China Connection
Fall 2012

China buys $11 billion of Washington exports and sells the state $31 billion of imports, in the last few years overtaking Japan as Washington’s second largest export destination. With WSU’s efforts to overcome linguistic, informational, and trade barriers, who knows where that economic relationship might lead?

Categories: Education, Languages and linguistics, Business
Tags: Trade, International education, Chinese language, China

The New Virtualism: Beijing, the 2008 Olympic Games, and a new style for world architecture
Fall 2008
SOMETHING SIGNIFICANT IS HAPPENING IN BEIJING. It has to do with proclaiming a new style of world architecture at the dawn of the twenty-first century. I call it "The New Virtualism," and because there are now enough of these buildings in existenc...
Categories: Architecture and design
Tags: Beijing, Virtualism, China

Let the invasions begin
Fall 2008
As Beijing prepared to welcome athletes and spectators to the Olympic Games, a quieter and much less welcome influx was already under way. According to a new study by Washington State University ecologist Richard Mack and four Chinese colleagues,...
Categories: Environmental studies
Tags: Invasive weeds, China

The end is the beginning. A photo essay
Fall 2008
A Chinese native who was born during the Cultural Revolution, Jian Yang '08 found his artistic self somewhere in between his home country and the United States. That understanding of the in-between is perhaps why, on a visit home after spending some time here in graduate school, he discovered a fascination for the disappearing tradition of rural Chinese opera.
Categories: Visual arts
Tags: Photography, China, Theatre