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The Clark Family—Pets, vets, and architects
Summer 2015

Jeff Clark and Michael Clark, along with their wives Sharon and Judi, combined an architecture firm and veterinary clinic in their Kirkland building.

Categories: Alumni, Veterinary medicine, Architecture and design
Tags: Architects, Buildings

A Re-dress of the West
Spring 2015

Stripping away the mythology of the American West exposes a more diverse, more interesting history.

Categories: Architecture and design, History, Cultural studies
Tags: Chinatown, Photographers, American West, Gender

Follow the red brick road
Fall 2014

WSU architecture students tackled a project to get early red brick roads in Pullman formally recognized as a vital and worthy piece of history, not just for the community, but for the state’s University as well.

Categories: History, Architecture and design
Tags: Historic preservation

Backyard boarders
Spring 2014

Last fall 10 Washington State University architecture students wandered into Seattle-area backyards to work on the idea of backyard cottages as transitional housing for the homeless.

Categories: Architecture and design
Tags: Homelessness, Housing

A fitting business
Fall 2013

Lucy Stevenson opened her hat and dressmaking business in the late nineteenth century at the age of 60. Her work and life was exhibited at WSU in spring 2013.

Categories: Architecture and design, History
Tags: Apparel design, Women in business, Exhibit

Dynamic duo
Fall 2013

Friends and colleagues Eric Brandon '12 and Nick Linton '13 bring together engineering and design to their desire to make sustainable communities.

Categories: Architecture and design, Engineering, Alumni
Tags: Design, Sustainability

Master Plan for the WSU Pullman campus
Winter 2012

A revised WSU campus master plan creates a framework for planning buildings, roads, and other infrastructure for the next 30 years.

Categories: Architecture and design
Tags: Design, Buildings, Campus master plan

Gene Callan ’76—A dream for today and tomorrow
Fall 2012

The Maryhill Museum of Art received a major renovation that will showcase more of its amazing collection, thanks to Portland architect Gene Callan ’76.

Categories: Architecture and design, Alumni
Tags: Museums, Columbia Gorge, Art museums

Homes for art
Winter 2011
Few of us will ever see inside the homes of some of the Pacific Northwest’s major art collectors. But this fall we get a glimpse when the Museum of Art at Washington State University hosts an exhibit of internationally-known architect...
Categories: Architecture and design, Library and museum studies
Tags: Architects, Northwest architecture, Art museums, WSU Museum of Art

To the lighthouse
Fall 2011
For more than a century one of Washington’s earliest man-made landmarks has perched 120 feet above the sea on the bluff at Admiralty Head on Whidbey Island. In its early years, the lighthouse beacon guided the sailing ships that helped ...
Categories: History, Architecture and design
Tags: Parks, Lighthouse

After a fashion
Summer 2011
Fall fashion week in Pullman featured a stovepipe silhouette and shorter hemline. Black and rhinestones were in, as were gold shoes and feathered cloches. These weren’t new designs. They were elegant Jazz Age outfits hand-picked by...
Categories: History, Architecture and design
Tags: Apparel design, Fashion, Vintage clothing

Outside In—Architecture of the Pacific Northwest
Spring 2011
Architecture in the Pacific Northwest has always had to contend with the environment. The results are enchanting.
Categories: Architecture and design, Alumni
Tags: Northwest architecture, Seattle, Buildings

An arboretum for WSU
Winter 2010
Over the coming years, 170 acres east of Airport Road in Pullman will be transformed into an arboretum, which will include a new bear center, a biodiversity center, a ...
Categories: Architecture and design, Campus life
Tags: Buildings, Gathering circle, Bears, Arboretum

A measure of time and history
Fall 2010
Matthew Cohen started wondering if what he knew of Renaissance architecture was true when he stepped into the San Lorenzo Basilica in Florence with a measuring tape.The Italian city, known as the birthplace of the Renaissance, is home to many o...
Categories: Architecture and design
Tags: Renaissance, Italy, Filippo Brunelleschi

Opening new doors to green
Winter 2009
The soaring ceiling, room-length fireplace, and glass doors that open to the outdoors give the lobby the flavor of a ski lodge crossed with an open-air café. However, the ambience of Olympia Avenue—Washington State University’s new residence...
Categories: Architecture and design, Campus life
Tags: Buildings, Sustainability, Residence halls

Track to the future
Winter 2009
It was only a few decades ago that Northern Pacific Railroad ran daily trains from Spokane through Pullman and down to Lewiston. And train cars loaded with students and steamer trunks came over the Cascades delivering their lively loads to packed ...
Categories: Architecture and design, WSU Spokane
Tags: Trains, Railroad, Transportation, Palouse

Harley Cowan—Chicken sedan
Summer 2009
There’s an old knee-slapper that goes something like this: Why does a chicken coop have two doors? Because if it had four doors (drumroll, please) it would be a sedan! “It’s a really lousy joke,” says architect Harley Cowan ‘96, who c...
Categories: Alumni, Architecture and design
Tags: Chickens, Urban farming

Building Green
Spring 2009
Jeff Feinstein ’85 finds green investment a hedge against a down economy...
Categories: Architecture and design
Tags: Energy efficiency, Sustainable building

Who moved my cupola?
Winter 2008
During a quiet weekend last July, a crew came to campus to steal away one of the University's oldest landmarks--the Ferry Hall cupola. The quaint 12-foot by 12-foot Georgian-style structure had already survived more than a century and a major relo...
Categories: WSU history, Architecture and design
Tags: Ferry Hall

The New Virtualism: Beijing, the 2008 Olympic Games, and a new style for world architecture
Fall 2008
SOMETHING SIGNIFICANT IS HAPPENING IN BEIJING. It has to do with proclaiming a new style of world architecture at the dawn of the twenty-first century. I call it "The New Virtualism," and because there are now enough of these buildings in existenc...
Categories: Architecture and design
Tags: Beijing, Virtualism, China

Parkinson's house
Summer 2008
For a Parkinson's patient, every day is different. One day the symptoms could include tremors and muscle stiffness. Another might bring difficulty eating and swallowing. But every day, Parkinson's is a progressive, chronic, debilitating disease th...
Categories: Architecture and design
Tags: Parkinson's disease

Meditations on a strip mall
Spring 2008
Why has architecture become an exercise in stage set building?
Categories: Architecture and design
Tags: Malls

Ode to a tea set
Spring 2008
A HANDCRAFTED STERLING SILVER TEA SET, its long rectangular surfaces modern in design, gleams from its perch on a bookshelf in an apartment high above Seattle, the home of the man who designed it.The simple geometry of the set’s four serving pie...
Categories: Architecture and design
Tags: Dishes

The Cougar wears Prada
Winter 2007
FLORENCE, ITALY—She'd perused the vintage vendors on London's Portobello Road and seen the Chanel logo stamped onto the most prestigious silk in the world in Como, Italy.By her first morning in Florence, with its supple leather, luxury textiles,...
Categories: Architecture and design
Tags: Apparel design, Fashion

Rob Barnard: An uplifting endeavor
Summer 2007
When Rob Barnard '84 was earning degrees in architecture and construction management, his professors scheduled project deadlines and tests on the same day."What that was teaching you was time management, how to work with a small amount of sleep an...
Categories: Alumni, Architecture and design
Tags: Portland

Welcome to Mildew Manor (And you think your house needs work.)
Spring 2007

No one would knowingly build a house this way. But this is Mildew Manor. And building it wrong is building it right.

Categories: Architecture and design, Biological sciences
Tags: Pest management, Mildew

Bellevue metropolitan
Fall 2006

Since 1869, Bellevue has morphed from pioneer settlement to Norman-Rockwell small town to burgeoning suburb of Seattle. Now, with the help of a handful of WSU-trained architects, it's high-stepping into its new role as one of Washington's most vital urban centers.

Categories: Architecture and design
Tags: Seattle, Bellevue

Students design schools for Sri Lanka
Fall 2006
A group of six students in civil and environmental engineering worked with Washington State University's new student group of Engineers Without Borders and Asiana Education Development (AED), a Seattle-based nonprofit organization that runs school...
Categories: Architecture and design
Tags: Schools, Sri Lanka

The CUB: Back to the future
Summer 2006
Work has begun on a two-year, $86-million project to remodel the Compton Union Building. The plan is to modernize the 1951 building, carving out 53,000 square feet for stores and restaurants, installing a new state-of-the-art auditorium, and intro...
Categories: Architecture and design, Campus life
Tags: CUB

Doggy Dream House
Spring 2006
Basil was a dog in need of a home. And with just 30 hours to assess the whippet's personality and create and execute a design, a group of Washington State University design students were determined to give him one.It was an intense competition wit...
Categories: Engineering, Architecture and design, WSU Spokane
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Faith and imagination transform a Pullman landmark
Spring 2006
Faith and imagination came into play last spring when Jillian Potts ('06 Pol. Sci./Pre-Law) signed an agreement to lease a unit at the Greystone Church Apartments sight unseen. Not there was anything to see. It was months before the walls of her a...
Categories: Architecture and design, Area studies
Tags: Pullman life, Real estate

Simple Forms
Fall 2005
Paul Hirzel received the prestigious American Institute of Architects' (AIA) Housing Committee Award for a custom single-family home, designating Hirzel's project one of the top designs in the country.Hirzel, associate professor in the School of A...
Categories: Architecture and design
Tags: Awards

A Building Full of Answers
Summer 2005
Maybe it's their nondescript building, one of a row of identical structures just off of Plum Street on the way into Olympia. Or maybe it's their curious history, once a government entity, then oddly tossed to the budget dogs by an otherwise enviro...
Categories: Engineering, Architecture and design
Tags: Energy

Ideas, Buildings, and Mirrors
Winter 2004
Torn between respect for its natural surroundings and a desire for cosmopolitan sophistication, Spokane lends a unique perspective to the notion that works of architecture reflect what a community thinks of itself.
Categories: Architecture and design, WSU Spokane
Tags: Education, Teaching

Wave of the Future
Summer 2004
Hands-on training doesn't get better than this. After six months of construction, Washington State University assistant professor of architecture Robert Barnstone and 10 architectural design students recently completed what is essentially the worl...
Categories: Architecture and design, Engineering
Tags: Wood, Construction, Materials engineering

Students to build a complete solar home
Summer 2004
A group of students from the School of Architecture and Construction Management at Washington State University will compete in the U.S. Department of Energy's Solar Decathlon. Over the next two years, the students will design and construct a small...
Categories: Architecture and design
Tags: Energy, Solar power, Construction

Architecture from the Weapons of War
Spring 2004
Homes constructed from artillery shells. Military tanks used as foundations for bridges. Flowerpots that were once parts of missiles. In Afghanistan, a generation of war has resulted in a strange new architecture, built from the implements of dest...
Categories: Fine Arts, Architecture and design
Tags: Weapons, Photography, Afghanistan

“Problem” Is a Good Word
Summer 2003
Categories: Architecture and design
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"Problem" is a good word
Summer 2003
There are no stars at Miller/Hull Partnership.
Categories: Architecture and design, Alumni
Tags: Buildings

Rebuilding a city, repairing psyches
Spring 2003
"You can't put the blame on one side. Everybody has made some contributions to the misery."So thought Rafi Samizay, professor in the School of Architecture and Construction Management at Washington State University, as he stood in what is left of ...
Categories: WSU faculty, Architecture and design
Tags: Afghanistan

Right on CUE
Fall 2002
Today students are finding new ways to work collaboratively, across academic disciplines and distance, and often in ways not convenient before at WSU.The hub of this activity is the new $32 million Samuel H. Smith Center for Undergraduate Educatio...
Categories: Architecture and design, Campus life
Tags: Administration

Pants that fit...In search of a cure for misfits
Summer 2002
"The more I sewed," says Carol Salusso, "the more I got frustrated with the fact that the patterns didn't fit me." So she began designing her own.
Categories: Architecture and design
Tags: Apparel design

SR 26 Revealed
Winter 2001
“The task is not so much to see what no one yet has seen, but to think what nobody yet has thought about that which everybody sees.” —Arthur SchopenhauerTHERE ARE LANDSCAPES that move us and landscapes through which we...
Categories: Architecture and design
Tags: State Route 26, Highways, Eastern Washington