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Tom Norwalk ’75—Visit Seattle
Summer 2014

Tom Norwalk, president and CEO of Visit Seattle, talks about tourism in Seattle and the state of Washington.

Categories: Business, Alumni
Tags: Tourism, Seattle

Outside In—Architecture of the Pacific Northwest
Spring 2011
Architecture in the Pacific Northwest has always had to contend with the environment. The results are enchanting.
Categories: Architecture and design, Alumni
Tags: Northwest architecture, Seattle, Buildings

Back to the city
Fall 2010

As King County's farm specialist, Steve Evans '78, '82 has watched agriculture disappear from the area. But now some of the land is going to smaller farms with high value crops. Meanwhile, small farms agent Bee Cha helps East African refugees farm in the urban Pacific Northwest.

Categories: Agriculture, WSU Extension
Tags: Seattle, Urban farming, Tacoma, Extension, Farmers markets

"A joyous sight to see"
Summer 2008
The next time you visit the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood, take a good look around. This is the only Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) facility in the nation that is home to a botanical garden, and the garden is due prima...
Categories: Botany
Tags: Gardens, Seattle

It Happened at the World's Fair
Fall 2007

Shortly after Jay Rockey '50 arrived in Seattle to handle the public relations for the 1962 World's Fair, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer ran an editorial claiming it could not see how the fair could possibly make it. "Do you really know what you're doing?" Rockey's wife asked him. Turns out he did.

Categories: Communication, Alumni
Tags: World's fair, Public relations, Seattle

The Rockey Style
Fall 2007

In spite of nearly universal name recognition and a client list that runs through the Pacific Northwest alphabet, Rockey himself rarely shows up in the press. In this age of Google, it's unnerving to go looking for someone who you know permeates a civic and business culture, and he just isn't there.

Categories: Communication, Alumni
Tags: World's fair, Public relations, Seattle

Celebrating a century at Seattle's liveliest landmark
Fall 2007
It started a century ago, on August 17, 1907, when a small group of farmers set up stalls at the corner of First and Pike in Seattle and sold their produce right on the street. They claimed their little city-sponsored market experiment was born ou...
Categories: Washington state history, History
Tags: Farmers markets, Seattle

Bellevue metropolitan
Fall 2006

Since 1869, Bellevue has morphed from pioneer settlement to Norman-Rockwell small town to burgeoning suburb of Seattle. Now, with the help of a handful of WSU-trained architects, it's high-stepping into its new role as one of Washington's most vital urban centers.

Categories: Architecture and design
Tags: Seattle, Bellevue

The Cougars take Seattle
Winter 2004
It's one of those quintessential late-summer days in Seattle. Clear in the morning, warm, gathering clouds by late afternoon, the air heavy and muggy. The tourists are tired, making their way back to the hotel for an early dinner. It is Friday, ru...
Categories: Alumni, WSU students
Tags: Seattle, Marching band, Cougar pride

Emerald winters, brown summers
Summer 2003
How dry it is! Understanding the summer climate west of the Cascades baffles lots of residents. The "emerald green" attitude extends to believing that summer months wrap themselves in rain and mist just as winter does. However, our "modified Medit...
Categories: WSU Extension
Tags: Seattle, Gardening, Water

Is the sky still blue in Emerald City?
Spring 2003
Now that the economy has stalled, are the Seattle unemployed here to stay, or are they packing the U-Haul?When I moved to Washington's west side, I pursued a different career and landscape. When I was laid off last year, I decided to stay...
Categories: Business
Tags: Seattle, Employment, Careers

Opening Day...a great way to reunite Cougars
Spring 2002
Cougars batten their hatches and hoist their mainsails.
Categories: Alumni
Tags: Boating, Seattle