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Music to a closed country
Spring 2014

Keri McCarthy, an associate professor of music at WSU, traveled to Burma to bring reed instruments, and specifically her specialty the oboe, to the previously isolated nation.

Categories: Music
Tags: Musical instruments, Music education, Myanmar, Burma, Oboe

Charles Argersinger 1951–2013—Equilibrium
Fall 2013

Charles Edward Argersinger, emeritus professor of music at Washington State University and a resident of the Palouse area since 1988, died April 16, 2013, in Pullman, after a long illness. He was 61.

Categories: Music, WSU faculty
Tags: Composers, In memoriam, Jazz, Classical music

Taste, an Accounting in Three Scenes
Spring 2013

I’d be lying if I claimed not to prefer the golf swings of Bobby Jones or Sam Snead to that of Tommy “Two Gloves” Gainey. So I guess I’m a snob.

Categories: Music, Literature
Tags: Beethoven, Taste, Decorum

A show with Heart
Winter 2012

In 1976, an emerging young band called Heart played on WSU's television station's "Second Ending" show. The students and staff still remember that concert.

Categories: Communication, Music
Tags: Broadcasting, Rock music, KWSU, Concerts

Chance McKinney ’94, ’96—Country music working man
Winter 2011
It’s vacation season, mid-August. A light breeze off Lake Chelan wafts over Manson, where Chance McKinney and his band Crosswire prepare to open for country music star Dierks Bentley at the Mill Bay Casino.For McKinney ’94, ’96—an...
Categories: Athletics, Alumni, Music
Tags: Concerts, Student athletes, Country Music Television, Country music

The Song is You—An Instinct for Music
Spring 2011
What is music good for, anyway?
Categories: Music, Biological sciences, Anthropology
Tags: Songs, Neuroscience, Evolution

Spring 2011
You’ve enjoyed the cheese, but what do you do with a Cougar Gold can? John Elwood ’01 builds fine stringed instruments—dulcimers, mandolins, banjos, harpsichords— so using the iconic tin Categories: Music, Alumni
Tags: WSU Creamery, Musical instruments, Banjo, Cheese

Poised for playing
Fall 2009
Anyone who has taken music lessons has probably absorbed enough instructions about posture to feel like a raw recruit at basic training: Stand straight! Head up! Toes forward! Leah Jordan, who is starting her senior year at Washington State Unive...
Categories: Music
Tags: Posture, Musical instruments, Trumpet, Music education

Jazz Down the Middle
Winter 2007
A little before 8 a.m. one Tuesday last spring, the jazz band at Pullman's Lincoln Middle School, a bit bed-headed and bleary-eyed, was working on a tricky rhythm. Standing at the whiteboard in Room 806, the director, Joe Covill, wrote out the not...
Categories: Music
Tags: Jazz

Ray Troll: A story of fish, fossils, and funky art
Spring 2007
Ray Troll '81 has a species of ratfish named after him, Hydrolagus trolli. He calls Darwin "Chuckie D" and paints pictures of him driving around in an Evolvo. This is a man who has embraced his past and paints it wildly and beautifully.
Categories: Alumni, Music, Visual arts, Fine Arts
Tags: Evolution, Artists

An interview with Horace Alexander Young, musician and teacher
Spring 2007
Horace Alexander Young '83 teaches woodwinds and jazz studies at Washington State University and tours the world as a member of Abdullah Ibrahim's jazz sextet, EKAYA. He plays woodwinds, keyboards, and percussion. He also sings and composes, and ...
Categories: Music, Alumni
Tags: Jazz

A home for music
Fall 2006
You don't always need an address to find the Friel House. Just follow the music.A short walk from campus, a group of music-minded students have found a home on C Street. The house looks small from the curb, but its three stories shelter seven stud...
Categories: Campus life, Music
Tags: Buildings, Music

Happy 25th, KZUU!
Summer 2005
It was a rock 'n' roll idea in a Bee Gees world.In 1977, a time of flared pants and patchwork shirts, a small group of determined students at Washington State University wanted a voice that could reach beyond campus. They wanted an outlet that was...
Categories: WSU history, Music
Tags: KZUU, Radio

Jennifer Lynn: Barreling out of the Chute
Spring 2005
A couple wanders in to Portland's White Horse Grill & Bar on a late fall evening as Jennifer Lynn's alto soars into "Blue Moon of Kentucky." The two look at the packed house, look at each other, and reel into country swing in progress just ins...
Categories: Alumni, Music
Tags: Country music

Winter was Hard: Music in response to tragedy
Summer 2004
Among the various responses reported by citizens in the days after September 11, 2001, mine initially fell in the category of walking catatonia. Numb to feeling, I experienced little or no emotional catharsis. The event was either too big, or unbe...
Categories: Alumni, Music
Tags: Broadcasting

Crossing the line
Spring 2004
Snoqualmie singer-songwriter Garr Lange released a new CD last fall. Crossing the Line, recorded at Rainstorm Studios, Bellevue, and released by Sentry Records, includes a 12-song mix of the blues, country, and rock.Lange ('79 English) tested his ...
Categories: Music, Alumni
Tags: Writers

In search of the perfect stringed instrument
Spring 2004
Bill McCaw was always interested in music. But he waited until he was about 50 before he began thinking about playing the guitar. When a search of music stores failed to turn up a guitar that could accommodate his broad fingers, he decided to make...
Categories: Music, Alumni
Tags: Instruments

A common reader: Trouble in Dusty Gulch
Winter 2002
I really should be more worried about this. It's my living, after all. For 20 years I've been presenting a kind of music so wildly varied in time (seven centuries and more), in style (Morris dances, Joplin rags, Mahlerian stairways to heaven, Copl...
Categories: Music, Communication
Tags: Classical music, Radio

Arts for all
Winter 2001
“WOULDN’T you like to write music for someone famous like NSYNC?” a Clarkston High School student asked Greg Yasinitsky.Tough crowd.But Yasinitsky, a Washington State University music professor and jazz studies coordinator an...
Categories: WSU faculty, Music, Education
Tags: Music education