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Summer 2012
—Pronunciation: \ kī–ō’–tē, chiefly Western kī’–ōt \After years away, I met you again on the tongue of an old friend from home. Kī’–ōt.Trotting through sagebrush. Wild by any name. I’d moved to a green isle city that pron...
Categories: Alumni, Poetry
Tags: Hanford, Eastern Washington, Identity

Just like it was yesterday
Spring 2007
"We were living a good life," said Albert Redstarr Andrews in a meditation concluding the second Plateau Conference, "and we were disturbed." What might be taken as gracious understatement also resonated with profound loss.In spite of a generally ...
Categories: Cultural studies, History
Tags: Native Americans, Eastern Washington

The man who gave away mountains
Fall 2006

One of our first graduates spent a lifetime and fortune amassing land for the enjoyment of others.

Categories: History, Alumni
Tags: Eastern Washington, Conservation, Parks

Pacific Northwest sagebrush steppe
Winter 2003
Though it is the most widespread of plant ecosystems in eastern Washington, covering 24,000 square miles, the sagebrush-steppe is probably the least understood, and therefore the least appreciated, especially among gardeners. By nature, gardeners ...
Categories: Botany, Agriculture
Tags: Sagebrush steppe, Gardening, Eastern Washington

SR 26 Revealed
Winter 2001
“The task is not so much to see what no one yet has seen, but to think what nobody yet has thought about that which everybody sees.” —Arthur SchopenhauerTHERE ARE LANDSCAPES that move us and landscapes through which we...
Categories: Architecture and design
Tags: State Route 26, Highways, Eastern Washington