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Nicole Braux Taflinger ’66, ’68—Season of Suffering
Spring 2011
Nicole Braux (now Taflinger) was 13 years old when Germany invaded France in 1940. Years later, having survived the occupation with her mother, married an American airman, and moved to Pullman, she has written a lovely and moving memoir.First w...
Categories: Memoirs, Alumni
Tags: World War II, France

L'Américain en Provence
Winter 2008
A story about an expatriate—and about his wine. Provence is a world away from Bellevue, where Denis Gayte '97 grew up. And French winemaking is another world away from the public relations career he abandoned. So there he was, with his French heritage and a newly minted "young French winemaker" degree—but still referred to (and always affectionately) as l'Américain.
Categories: Agriculture, Alumni
Tags: Wine, France, Provence

The memories of a queen
Fall 2006
Before there was Wisteria Lane, there was the French royal court at the Palais du Louvre in Paris. It was a place of forced marriages, lovers and infidelities, imprisonments and poisonings, sword fights and murders. And all that was just within th...
Categories: Memoirs, History
Tags: Royalty, France