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Summer 2015
Coal Wars cover

Coal Wars: Unions, Strikes, and Violence in Depression-Era Central Washington

by David Bullock ’85 MA :: WSU Press :: Tim Steury
Washington state history

There was a time, it’s been recalled, when each home in Roslyn had three pictures on its wall: of Jesus, FDR, and John L. Lewis, the powerful head of the United Mine Workers of America, or UMW. But labor conflicts in the coal-mining town during the 1930s would severely strain and replace the loyalties reflected by the latter two. In Coal Wars, David Bullock recounts the bitter struggle in 1933-34 between the UMW and the more radical Western Miners Union in the mining communities of...Read more

In the Path of Destruction

In the Path of Destruction: Eyewitness Chronicles of Mount St. Helens

by Richard Waitt :: WSU Press :: Larry Clark ’94
Earth sciences, History

Like the eruption of Mount St. Helens on May 18, 1980, the personal stories of campers, loggers, airline pilots, Forest Service workers, and geologists came pouring out before, during, and after the cataclysm. One of those geologists, Richard Waitt, gathered anecdotes and recollections of the volcanic eruption over the course of three decades, now compiled in this tome. Waitt blends his own scientific expertise as a researcher who had been on the mountain since its early rumblings w...Read more

Keys to My Cage album cover

Key to My Cage

by Michael Kirkpatrick ’01 :: :: Eric Sorensen

The human voice is our oldest acoustic instrument and it’s still one of the most captivating. Add a few well struck strings—just a few chords even—and you have a remarkable symphony of bass, harmony, lyrics, and emotion. This is the beguiling formula of Michael Kirkpatrick ’01. He’s a troubadour, both self-described and according to the 2014 Telluride Troubadour Competition, which he won. Performing some 150 dates a year from his Fort Collins, Colorado, base, he writes his...Read more

The Awakening cover

The Awakening

by Allen Johnson ’85 PhD :: Skyhorse Publishing :: Katelyn Orum ’15

The Awakening weaves effortlessly through time, from the battle-scarred streets of Spain in 1936 to nearly 60 years later as it tells the life story of Diego Garcia and his descendants. In this unconventional romance novel, Diego Garcia dropped everything to be with the Moroccan beauty of his dreams, Lupe. The two newlyweds headed to Granada, Spain, to start a life of their own in the 1930s. The two loved each other immensely, and where there is love there is compassion. The story...Read more