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Coal Wars: Unions, Strikes, and Violence in Depression-Era Central Washington
Summer 2015
There was a time, it’s been recalled, when each home in Roslyn had three pictures on its wall: of Jesus, FDR, and John L. Lewis, the powerful head of the United Mine Workers of America, or UMW. But labor conflicts in the coal-mining town duri...
Categories: Washington state history
Tags: Labor and unions, Coal mining, Roslyn

Trail to Gold: The Pend Oreille Route
Winter 2014
During the Pacific Northwest’s mining boom in the second half of the nineteenth century, small communities to house and supply miners appeared throughout the West. And the need to move supplies into these areas lead to the arrival of steamboa...
Categories: Washington state history
Tags: Northwest history, Gold, Pend Oreille River

A Yankee on Puget Sound
Spring 2014
Pioneer Edward Jay Allen lived near Olympia when the Oregon Territory was split in two and federal politicians elected to name the new territory Washington, rejecting the local suggestion of Columbia. Allen helped survey a wagon road over Nache...
Categories: Washington state history
Tags: American West, Puget Sound, Exploration

A Home for Every Child
Summer 2011
 At the end of the 19th century, adoption became part of a broader movement to reform the orphanage and poor farm system in the United States. In her most recent book, Patricia Susan Hart, who teaches journalism and American studies ...
Categories: Social work, Washington state history
Tags: Children, Adoption

Women's Voices: The Campaign for Equal Rights in Washington
Spring 2010
This year marks the 100-year anniversary of women’s suffrage in Washington state. As the fifth state in the Union to allow women to vote, Washington’s landmark was more than a half-century in the making. In fact, in 1883, when Washington wa...
Categories: History, Washington state history, Political science
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