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Races of Mankind: The Sculptures of Malvina Hoffman
Fall 2014
In the struggle to find out what makes people unique, artists of the twentieth century entered the field of physical anthropology. In 1930, Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History commissioned sculptor Malvina Hoffman to research and create s...
Categories: Fine Arts, Visual arts
Tags: Art history, Sculpture

The Aesthetics of Strangeness: Eccentricity and Madness in Early Modern Japan
Summer 2014
Eccentricity and odd artistic behavior in the Edo period of Japan (1600–1868) proliferated as an aesthetic subculture that both resisted the rigidity of the Tokugawa realm and served as a source of moral and cultural values. This study by Br...
Categories: History, Cultural studies, Fine Arts
Tags: Japan, Artists, Eccentricity

Dog Days, Raven Nights
Summer 2012
Using field notes, personal diaries, and beautiful linocuts by Evon Zerbetz ’82, the Marzluffs chronicle their three-year endeavor to research the common raven, while raising and training sled dogs to help them with their work in Maine. Zerbe...
Categories: Biological sciences, Fine Arts
Tags: Animal behavior, Artists