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Civility and Democracy in America: A Reasonable Understanding
Spring 2014
This collection of essays from WSU professors and other scholars takes a hard look at the historical and contemporary state of civility in the country, probing the complexities and the causes of the current “crisis.” The articles cover not...
Categories: Political science, Public affairs
Tags: Civility, Politicians, Government

No Room of Her Own: Women’s Stories of Homelessness, Life, Death, and Resistance
Winter 2012
“As a form of social punishment, homelessness is far sterner in many respects than sentences handed out in court for most criminal offenses,” writes Desiree Hellegers, an associate professor of English and founding co-director of the Center...
Categories: Social work, Public affairs
Tags: Homelessness, Social justice

An Election for the Ages: Rossi vs. Gregoire, 2004
Winter 2010
Every couple of years, we engage in the most basic of democratic activities: voting. Elections typically run smoothly and uneventfully. Sometimes they whip up a tornado of controversy, such as Washington’s whisker-thin gubernatorial election in 200...
Categories: Political science, Public affairs
Tags: State government

America's Nuclear Wastelands: Politics, Accountability, and Cleanup
Fall 2009
When engineers, physicists, and other scientists began making materials for nuclear bombs, the Manhattan Project sites around the country including Hanford, Los Alamos, and Oak Ridge were wrapped in World War II and Cold War secrecy. The processes...
Categories: Public affairs, Environmental studies
Tags: Nuclear waste

Flames in Our Forest: Disaster or Renewal?
Fall 2003
Forest fires have been much in the news. Beginning with the Yellowstone fires in 1988, the West has lived through a series of intense fire years. In 2000, the federal government spent nearly $1.6 billion fighting fires. But over the same period there...
Categories: Public affairs, Environmental studies
Tags: Forest fires

Just Don't Get Sick: Access to Health Care in the Aftermath of Welfare
Summer 2008
Victor Sidel, the co-founder of Physicians for Social Responsibility, observes, "statistics are people with the tears washed away." Just Don't Get Sick, a new book by Karen Seccombe ('85 Ph.D. Soc.) and Kim Hoffman, offers a litany of statistics abou...
Categories: Public affairs, Political science
Tags: Health care policy