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Races of Mankind: The Sculptures of Malvina Hoffman
Fall 2014
In the struggle to find out what makes people unique, artists of the twentieth century entered the field of physical anthropology. In 1930, Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History commissioned sculptor Malvina Hoffman to research and create s...
Categories: Fine Arts, Visual arts
Tags: Art history, Sculpture

Soldiers of Paint
Spring 2014
Through clouds of smoke, soldiers call out to each other at Omaha Beach in the Normandy fields they recreated in Wyandotte, Oklahoma. Paintballs fly through the air as Allied troops storm toward concrete pillboxes filled with Axis troops intent...
Categories: Visual arts
Tags: Documentary, Paintball, World War II

Color + Modulation
Summer 2008
Rob Tyler's animated films combine hand-painted film cells, computer manipulation and atmospheric electronic music to produce a hypnotic come-hither based on changing, pulsing colors that riff off a primary abstract shape to the music of Unrecognizab...
Categories: Visual arts
Tags: Artists