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Soldiers of Paint
Spring 2014
Through clouds of smoke, soldiers call out to each other at Omaha Beach in the Normandy fields they recreated in Wyandotte, Oklahoma. Paintballs fly through the air as Allied troops storm toward concrete pillboxes filled with Axis troops intent...
Categories: Visual arts
Tags: Documentary, Paintball, World War II

Building New Pathways to Peace
Winter 2011
 The idea of “peace” in our complex and conflicted world sometimes seems out of reach or even antiquated. The authors in this collection recognize these realities and make a concerted effort to build a new theory of peace studies. N...
Categories: Social sciences, History, Cultural studies
Tags: World War II, Peace Studies

WSU Military Veterans: Heroes and Legends
Summer 2006
With three engines lost on a B-29 bombing run over Tokyo December 3, 1944, pilot Robert Goldsworthy and his crew bailed out. For the next nine months, he would endure brutal beatings as a Japanese prisoner of war. Far worse, he said, was the cold and...
Categories: Biography, Military sciences
Tags: World War II, Veterans

The War Years: A Chronicle of Washington State in World War II
Winter 2001
Most Washingtonians don't realize that their state—with a wartime population of just over 1.7 million—did as much or more per capita than any other state to help win World War II, says James R. Warren. The WSU alumnus ('49 S...
Categories: History
Tags: World War II

During the War Women Went To Work
Fall 2008
How often have you heard a group of women in their eighties reminisce about their service in World War II? My guess is—never. Out of all the interviews, books, films, and commemorations about World War II, female voices have seldom been heard. This...
Categories: Gender studies, History
Tags: World War II