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Legal Guide to Social Media: Rights and Risks for Businesses and Entrepreneurs
Summer 2014
Millions of photos, links, and comments are posted to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter every day, yet the legal briar patch of copyright, privacy, defamation, and more can snag both personal and business users. Houser, an attorney a...
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Tags: Entrepreneurs, Social media

New & Noteworthy for Spring 2014
Spring 2014
Operation Cody: An Undercover Investigation of Illegal Wildlife Trafficking in Washington State by Todd A. Vandivert ’79  :: 2013 :: Undercover game wardens Todd Vandivert and Jennifer Maurstad posed as husband and wife businesspeople in...
Categories: History, Business
Tags: Wildlife trafficking, Computers, Africa

New & Noteworthy
Winter 2011
Standing Above the Crowdby James “Dukes” Donaldson ’79 Aviva Publishing , New York, 2011Donaldson mines his experiences as a former Cougar basketball and NBA star, entrepreneur, mentor, and community leader not just to tell his own st...
Categories: Business, Memoirs, Fiction
Tags: Management, Basketball, Organization, Fantasy, FBI

The Docks
Fall 2011
In my sailing days on Puget Sound, I got used to watching for the fast-moving container ships that could overtake my little boat in a matter of minutes. One day, I found their schedules on the Internet and saw the outline of a huge, econo...
Categories: Business, History
Tags: Trade, California, Ports, Los Angeles

How to Implement Lean Manufacturing
Winter 2010
The rise of Toyota in the 1980s showed manufacturers a fundamental change in methods, called “Lean Manufacturing.” After 20 years in management, Lonnie Wilson (’69, Chemical Engineering) now consults with companies on Lean Manufacturing methods...
Categories: Business
Tags: Management, Lean Manufacturing

Getting Even: The Truth About Workplace Revenge and How to Stop It
Fall 2010
Most people who have worked in a group have probably faced a “getting even” situation. I remember a woman who asked colleagues in our shared office space not to wear perfume. A co-worker who felt personally affronted didn’t respond directly,...
Categories: Business
Tags: Workplace revenge, Management

Investment Madness: How Psychology Affects Your Investing and What to Do About It
Winter 2001
In Investment Madness: How Psychology Affects Your Investing…and What to Do About It, John R. Nofsinger ('88 Elect. Engr., '96 Ph.D. Fin.) debunks the accepted wisdom that people make rational investment decisions. They don't. The book lays out the...
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Is Self-Employment for You?
Fall 2004
Anyone can start a business, but only a few can sustain one. That's the premise of Paul. E. Casey's new book, Is Self-Employment for You? Casey Communications Inc., the company he founded in Seattle in 1988, is still going stron...
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