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How to Implement Lean Manufacturing

by Lonnie Wilson '69 :: McGraw -Hill Professional :: Reviewed by Larry Clark ’94

How to Implement Lean Manufacturing

The rise of Toyota in the 1980s showed manufacturers a fundamental change in methods, called “Lean Manufacturing.” After 20 years in management, Lonnie Wilson (’69, Chemical Engineering) now consults with companies on Lean Manufacturing methods.

Wilson’s How to Implement Lean Manufacturing offers manufacturers an engineer’s perspective on reducing waste and inefficiency through quantity control. He outlines the tools of Lean Manufacturing—particularly 100 percent efficiency and “Just In Time” delivery—bolstered by case studies.

Wilson readily acknowledges the difficulties in changing management culture to get the most out of Lean ideas, but his book gives manufacturing companies a well-defined map toward maximizing their operations’ success.

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ISBN: 9780071625074