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Red Light to Starboard: Recalling the Exxon Valdez Disaster
Winter 2014
The Exxon Valdez and its 53 million gallons of crude oil made history on March 24, 1989. In the weeks and months that followed, more than 10 million gallons of oil bubbled into Alaska’s Prince William Sound. Thousands of company menus, recor...
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New & Noteworthy
Fall 2014
Said & Done by Elder Crow2014 :: Tyler Morgan ’03 and his band crank up some old-school rock and roll in their debut album. The Vancouver, Washington, group blends lyrics of social justice and civil rights with roaring guitars and solid d...
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Tags: Country music

Boocoo Dinky Dow: My Short, Crazy Vietnam War
Winter 2012
When the United States was in the thick of the Vietnam War, a legally blind, out of shape young man from Boise volunteered. Grady Myers had been rejected previously because of his physical problems, but the Army of 1968, desperate to fill its r...
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New & Noteworthy
Fall 2012
Images That Injure edited by Susan Dente Ross and Paul Martin Lester Praeger, 2011 :: WSU English professor Ross and her colleagues examine pictorial stereotypes in the media.Seaside Stories by S.R. Martin, Jr. ’74 Blue Nile Press, 2009 :: Short ...
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New & Noteworthy
Winter 2011
Standing Above the Crowdby James “Dukes” Donaldson ’79 Aviva Publishing , New York, 2011Donaldson mines his experiences as a former Cougar basketball and NBA star, entrepreneur, mentor, and community leader not just to tell his own st...
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Real People Don't Own Monkeys
Fall 2002
Ever thought of using an iguana to catch a date? How about using your dog as a private detective or a parrot as a guard dog? As a veterinarian with about 20 years of experience, Dr. Veronika Kiklevich has seen all that and more. Dr. K., as she...
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The Ministry of Leadership: Heart and Theory
Spring 2003
I was honored when asked to review The Ministry of Leadership: Heart and Theory, by former Washington State University president Glenn Terrell (1967-1985). I couldn't agree more with President V. Lane Rawlins's assessment: "Anyone who loves Washingto...
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Kill the Editor
Winter 2005
A job warranting more assassination attempts than the president of the United States exists in cities around the world. The job? Editing a newspaper. John R. Irby, a WSU clinical associate professor of communication, wrote a new book, K...
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Staying Tuned: A Life in Journalism
Fall 2002
In the beginning, radio was his second choice. After a journalistic teething in the service of the ANETA news agency in the Netherlands, Daniel Schorr wanted to be a foreign correspondent for The New York Times. When he fell victim to the Jewish-owne...
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On All Sides Nowhere
Winter 2004
Bill Gruber ('79 Ph.D. English) and his wife moved to rural Benewah County, Idaho, in 1972, inexperienced in all the necessary skills, but filled with a desire for solitude, simplicity, and natural beauty. In 1979 they left, after turning their 40 ac...
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Margarita: A Guatemalan Peace Corps Experience
Fall 2003
Starting at age 62, nutritionist Marjorie DeMoss Casebolt ('47 Home Econ. Ed.) served two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala. In Margarita: A Guatemalan Peace Corps Experience, she narrates her efforts to educate pregnant and nursing mothe...
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Hungry for Wood: An American Memoir from the Shores of Iwo Jima to the
Winter 2001
An Alaska sourdough with Washington State University credentials, C. Herb Rhodes has written his memoir book, Hungry for Wood: An American Memoir. The book derives its name from an Indian translation of the author's hometown of Hoquiam. ...
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Home Stand: Growing Up in Sports
Winter 2005
Poetry in motion he wasn’t. At least not on the basketball court, even though 6’ 9” Jim McKean, his fadeaway jump shot, and his rebounding (he still holds the single-game Far West Classic rebounding record of 27, set against Princeton in 1967) ...
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Dancing to the Concertina's Tune
Summer 2005
Educating the incarcerated is not an undertaking for the faint of heart. In Dancing to the Concertina's Tune: A Prison Teacher's Memoir, Jan Walker '60 explores her unusual career in correctional education and seeks to give the reader an understandin...
Categories: Education, Memoirs
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