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Alaska: A History
Summer 2012
 In 1867 the Russia of Czar Alexander II was broke. As part of the solution, the country sold its North American lands to the United States for $7 million in a deal brokered by Secretary of State William Seward. The transaction angered man...
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Recess at 20 Below
Summer 2008
Perhaps more than most books for children, Cindy Lou Aillaud's Recess at 20 Below has its feet firmly planted in the real world. The reason for that, of course, is that it's illustrated with the author's own photographs of children at the school in D...
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Hungry for Wood: An American Memoir from the Shores of Iwo Jima to the
Winter 2001
An Alaska sourdough with Washington State University credentials, C. Herb Rhodes has written his memoir book, Hungry for Wood: An American Memoir. The book derives its name from an Indian translation of the author's hometown of Hoquiam. ...
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