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A Yankee on Puget Sound
Spring 2014
Pioneer Edward Jay Allen lived near Olympia when the Oregon Territory was split in two and federal politicians elected to name the new territory Washington, rejecting the local suggestion of Columbia. Allen helped survey a wagon road over Nache...
Categories: Washington state history
Tags: American West, Puget Sound, Exploration

New & Noteworthy
Summer 2013
Planet Rock Doc: Nuggets from Explorations of the Natural World WSU Press, 2012 The Whole Story of Climate: What Science Reveals about the Nature of Endless Change Prometheus Books, 2012 by E. Kirsten Peters The Harvard-trained geologist, column...
Categories: Veterinary medicine, History, Earth sciences
Tags: Careers, American West, Climate change

Winning the West for Women: The Life of Suffragist of Emma Smith DeVoe
Summer 2012
 At a time when women’s rights and politics are dominating our national discourse, it would be good to consider our past. Emma Smith DeVoe’s story, for example, enhances our understanding of our nation’s Women’s Suffrage movement a...
Categories: History, Political science
Tags: Suffrage, Voting, Women, American West

The Man Who Dammed the Yangtze: A Mathematical Novel
Winter 2011
Ge and G, mathematicians in northern China and Oshkosh, Wisconsin, respectively, navigate parallel academic paths at the beginning of this unique and challenging novel by WSU English professor Alex Kuo. The two characters don’t know each oth...
Categories: Fiction, Literature
Tags: China, Dams, Revolutions, American West

The Selected Poetry of Robinson Jeffers
Winter 2002
How to describe Robinson Jeffers, now 40 years deceased? Visionary or reactionary? Hard-eyed realist or Romantic throwback? The West's answer to the East's Robert Frost? California's anti-type in poetry and politics to John Steinbeck in fiction and p...
Categories: Poetry, Literature
Tags: American West

Rodeo Queens and the American Dream
Fall 2003
Whether we meet them in a pasture, at a burger joint, or in a comfortable kitchen, the women in Joan Burbick's Rodeo Queens and the American Dream take us beyond the dust and glitter of the rodeo that for one season made them royal. Burbick, an Ameri...
Categories: Area studies
Tags: American West, Rodeos

The Work of Wolves
Fall 2005
Reading Kent Meyers's The Work of Wolves reminded me of a time when I loved horses. To watch them gallop, to see them stoop and eat grass, to feel their breath as they'd nuzzle my hand for oats. To sense in them an innate sovereignty that people in o...
Categories: Fiction
Tags: American West

Spring 2002
Author Murray Anderson ('50 Dairy Husbandry) weaves his experiences as a herdsman, milk tester, milking machine salesman, artificial inseminator, and fieldsman into a novel that describes the struggle for survival of small farmers in northwest Washin...
Categories: Fiction
Tags: American West

Domesticating the West: The Re-creation of the Nineteenth-Century Amer
Summer 2007
In Domesticating the West, Brenda K. Jackson '02, a Washington State University history Ph.D., explores the settlement of the West by the 19th-century middle class. Specifically, Jackson presents a dual biography of Thomas and Elizabeth Tannatt, midd...
Categories: History
Tags: Middle class, American West