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Blasphemy: New and Selected Stories
Summer 2013
Most writers’ volumes of “new and selected” stories add only two or three new pieces to twenty or thirty old ones. More than half of Sherman Alexie’s Blasphemy is new, however, including a few lengthy stories. The success of Alexie’s te...
Categories: Fiction
Tags: Short stories, Native Americans, Humor

The Long Journey of the Nez Perce: A Battle History from Cottonwood to Bear Paw
Spring 2012
In his foreword to the latest account of the Nez Perce War of 1877, Kevin Carson ’81 writes, “In my memory, there was never a time when our family was not fascinated by the saga of the Nez Perce.” Carson’s great-great-great grandfather, Lev...
Categories: History, Military sciences
Tags: Native Americans, Native American leaders, Northwest history

Sacajawea's People: The Lemhi Shoshones and the Salmon River Country
Winter 2005
In this year of 2005, the bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, we are again reminded of the role Sacajawea played in that long journey westward. However, Sacajawea's tribe of origin, the Lemhi, has gone largely ignored. Only recently have ...
Categories: History
Tags: Native Americans

The Renaissance of American Indian Higher Education: Capturing the Dream
Fall 2004
Much of the effort of American Indian education in recent years has been to reverse the effects of the deadly programs of the past, when the schools most Indians had access to were procrustean institutions, to which they were required to adjust, or f...
Categories: Education
Tags: Native Americans