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Montana Before History: 11,000 Years of Hunter-Gatherers in the Rockies and Plains
Spring 2013
The oldest archaeological site in Montana, the Anzick Site near Wilsall, has been carbon-dated to 11,040 years ago. It is, writes Douglas MacDonald in this fine survey of Montana archaeology, the only Clovis site excavated in Montana. App...
Categories: Archaeology
Tags: Montana, Clovis people, Hunter-gatherers

Anaconda: Labor, Community and Culture in Montana's Smelter City
Summer 2003
Anaconda, in southwest Montana, was home to the world's largest copper smelter. Marcus Daly established the first smelter in 1884. In 1980, the last plant closed its doors. Anaconda deals primarily with the community from the 1930s through the 1970s,...
Categories: History
Tags: Montana, Mining