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One version of pastoral
Fall 2010
Shakespeare offers little in terms of convincing natural description. His Forest of Arden is praised for what it isn’t rather than what it is.
Categories: Literature
Tags: Pastoral, Shakespeare, Montaigne

Language, Money, and Loss
Spring 2010
Sometimes loss can be an occasion for newly discovered vitality. Where better than the university to challenge ourselves to avoid linguistic lemminghood?
Categories: Campus life, Languages and linguistics
Tags: Business lingo, Language, Money

Privacy and the Words of the Dead
Spring 2009
Do we violate the privacy of the dead when we read what they wrote for themselves? Maybe it depends on our purposes.
Categories: Literature
Tags: Privacy, Montaigne

Why Doubt? Skepticism as a basis for change and understanding
Spring 2007
Skepticism can forestall a too-willing acquiescence to the-way-things-are; it can distance us from dogmatism and ward us away from zealotry; it can expose our mistakes.
Categories: Literature, Philosophy
Tags: Skepticism

Words on words
Spring 2006
Mark Twain is rumored to have said that he had no respect for a man who could spell a word in just one way. Many college students wish that their English professors shared this view. Yes, it's true that conventional spelling promotes effective com...
Categories: English
Tags: Literature

Thames Voices
Fall 2002
As a literary scholar wanders London's streets, he can hear the doubts and questions and skeptical musings of the 16th-century stage.
Categories: Literature
Tags: London