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Language, Money, and Loss
Spring 2010
Sometimes loss can be an occasion for newly discovered vitality. Where better than the university to challenge ourselves to avoid linguistic lemminghood?
Categories: Campus life, Languages and linguistics
Tags: Business lingo, Language, Money

WSU researchers attract record $184.2 million
Winter 2004
New grant awards break the previous year's record by nearly 16 percent.
Categories: WSU faculty
Tags: Research, Money

Cutting out the middle, building income
Winter 2004
Craig Meredith wants to help Ethiopian coffee farmers become competitive in a world market. He's using his knowledge as an agricultural engineering to assist growers in Yirgacheffe in Southern Ethiopia's Rift Valley,  where some 445,000 farme...
Categories: Business, Alumni
Tags: Coffee, Ethiopia, Money

The friends you keep & the wealth you reap
Summer 2003
People evaluate information through social interaction with others.There's an old saying that you can be judged by the friends you keep. But do your friends also affect your wealth?Ever notice how a group of people who spend time together, whether ...
Categories: Business, Social sciences
Tags: Friends, Finance, Money

Same dance, different tune
Winter 2002
Buy low, sell high. Investors understand this basic goal of investing. This idea appeals to the intellectual side of our brain. However, it is the emotional, not the intellectual, side of our brain that usually motivates action. That is why advert...
Categories: Business
Tags: Investments, Money

The other side of the coin
Spring 2002
Making financial decisions is difficult to begin with—even more so when we let our emotions get in the way.“Greed is good,” says Gordon Gekko in the movie Wall Street.Although I would not go quite that far, greed is a natural human ...
Categories: Business
Tags: Money, Investments