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Down “The Drain” in the TUB
Spring 2015

In the 1950s and before, students at Washington State College gathered at the Temporary Union Building (TUB) and The Drain to socialize.

Categories: Campus life, WSU history
Tags: Students, Buildings

After the War: Mud, Floods, and Modernization
Spring 2015

Thousands of GIs poured into Pullman after World War II. That student boom catalyzed our change from state college to major research university.

Categories: Campus life, WSU history
Tags: GI Bill, Veterans, World War II

The scoop on Ferdinand’s murals
Summer 2014

The story behind the murals at the old Ferdinand’s Ice Cream Shop in Troy Hall.

Categories: Campus life, WSU history
Tags: Ferdinand's, Buildings, Mural

Everyone could use a lift
Spring 2014

WSU is notorious for its hills. But there are shortcuts all over campus that can ease the strain on the legs.

Categories: Campus life, WSU history
Tags: Buildings

An even playing field
Fall 2013

The Access Center at WSU help mitigate circumstances for students with learning or physical disabilities and help them succeed at the school.

Categories: WSU students, Campus life
Tags: Accessibility, Disabilities

Booze, Sex, and Reality Check
Fall 2013

Student drinking may always be with us, but behavior modification could make it less risky.

Categories: Education, Campus life, Psychology
Tags: Prevention science, Sexual assault prevention, Sexual health, Alcoholism, Alcohol

Unfiltered history
Fall 2012

A collection of oral histories from WSU emeritus faculty reveal an engrossing and unfiltered account of the last several decades at the University.

Categories: WSU faculty, WSU history, Campus life
Tags: Oral history

A talk with Mike Leach about life, animals...and Cougar football
Fall 2012

A conversation with WSU head football coach Mike Leach ranges far and wide, from Cougar football prospects to hunting bears to the Tokyo Fish Market.

Categories: Athletics, Campus life
Tags: Football, Coach

Chinooks and Powwows at your fingertips
Fall 2012

Many issues of WSU's yearbook The Chinook and its former alumni magazine The Powwow are now online, searchable through WSU libraries.

Categories: WSU history, Campus life
Tags: Archives, Powwow alumni magazine, Chinook

What moves you at WSU
Summer 2012
One fuzzy old photograph of construction in downtown Pullman shows images of early days in the city: men laying a foundation by hand, a horse-drawn carriage on the street, a bicycle leaning on a post in the foreground. The photo has no date, b...
Categories: WSU students, Environmental studies, Campus life
Tags: Transportation, Transit, Sustainability

The Lowell Elm
Spring 2012
Harriet Bryan, wife of Washington Agricultural College president Enoch Bryan, planted the Lowell Elm in 1893. She had brought the seedling to her new home from Elmwood, the estate of James Russell Lowell, near Harvard University, where he...
Categories: WSU history, Campus life
Tags: Trees, Lowell Elm

Hit or be hit
Spring 2011
Hit or be hit. It’s the essence of dodgeball. “The feeling after hitting somebody,” muses Peter Brown, a senior finance major, after his Delta Upsilon team beat the Sig Ep Slingers on a cold night in November, “that’s like, I’m b...
Categories: Athletics, Campus life
Tags: Intramural sports, Dodgeball

A sinking economy sparks scholarships
Winter 2010
Two years ago, Lou Pepper watched the bank he once managed become the largest bank failure in U.S. history.Pepper, a former Washington State University regent, had retired from Washington Mutual in the early 1990s when the bank was sound. But then ...
Categories: Campus life, WSU students
Tags: Economy, Scholarships, Financial aid, College costs

An arboretum for WSU
Winter 2010
Over the coming years, 170 acres east of Airport Road in Pullman will be transformed into an arboretum, which will include a new bear center, a biodiversity center, a ...
Categories: Architecture and design, Campus life
Tags: Buildings, Gathering circle, Bears, Arboretum

WSU myths and legends
Summer 2010
Every school has its myths and legends. Washington State’s include miles of secret underground tunnels, a ghost, giant cows, and an icon of the psychedelic 60s. We decided to define, dispel, and debunk these stories. The results may surprise ...
Categories: WSU history, Campus life
Tags: Myths, Legends

Language, Money, and Loss
Spring 2010
Sometimes loss can be an occasion for newly discovered vitality. Where better than the university to challenge ourselves to avoid linguistic lemminghood?
Categories: Campus life, Languages and linguistics
Tags: Business lingo, Language, Money

Laboratories for the new century
Spring 2010
First, six months of planning. Then, over the summer, came the actual moving of laboratory equipment, chemicals, papers, and all the rest. Finally, faculty, students, and staff from four separate science buildings are now under one roof in a ...
Categories: Campus life, Biological sciences
Tags: Molecular biology, Buildings

Opening new doors to green
Winter 2009
The soaring ceiling, room-length fireplace, and glass doors that open to the outdoors give the lobby the flavor of a ski lodge crossed with an open-air café. However, the ambience of Olympia Avenue—Washington State University’s new residence...
Categories: Architecture and design, Campus life
Tags: Buildings, Sustainability, Residence halls

A century of friendships
Winter 2009
The 1909/1910 Chinook yearbook devoted a full page to “The Installation of the Kappa Sigma.” In the text W.M. Coulter, a founding member of the first national fraternity at Washington State College, notes that the event “marks a new epoch i...
Categories: Campus life, WSU students, Alumni
Tags: Greek system, Fraternity, Sorority

Living free from addiction
Winter 2008
When an alumnus like Bus Hollingbery '44, a former Cougar linebacker and son of football coaching legend "Babe" Hollingbery, comes to the university with a good idea, the university listens. A few years ago, Hollingbery, a recovering alcoholic, w...
Categories: Campus life, Social work
Tags: Addiction, Rehabilitation

The Higher Costs of College
Fall 2008
When it comes to paying the tuition, creative savvy may be a Cougar characteristic. Some do the expected—sell blood at the plasma center in Pullman, offer themselves up for psychology studies on campus, and find jobs either at the university or at a local restaurant. Others, over history, have been even more creative.
Categories: Campus life
Tags: Tuition, College costs

A new college guide
Fall 2008
The market is full of books on how to get into and succeed in college, but few of those books are targeted at students who may be the first in their family to go beyond high school. Even fewer are targeted specifically to the needs of Native Ameri...
Categories: Education, Campus life
Tags: Native Americans

If you don't ask...
Fall 2008
Tiffany Ludka ‘04 has a piece of advice for students with big bills: It never hurts to ask for help. During her first year of medical school at the University of Washington, the Colfax native hit on the idea of asking the medical community in h...
Categories: Campus life
Tags: College costs, Financial aid

CUB's new, too!
Fall 2008
This fall, visitors and alumni returning to Pullman will see that campus has changed all around the stadium renovation. In fact, a far bigger project, the $86 million renovation of the Compton Union Building, is wrapping up. The '60s and '70s d&ea...
Categories: Campus life
Tags: CUB

Police in the dorms: Security or invasion of privacy?
Fall 2007
One Friday night last winter, a Washington State University police officer walked past the open door of a student's room in Stephenson East and looked in. She smiled and said "Hey," and received a cool "Hi" in reply. As soon as she walked past, th...
Categories: Campus life, WSU students
Tags: Residence halls

Jane Goodall visits Pullman
Summer 2007
Nearly 6,000 people came to Beasley Coliseum the evening of March 8 to hear Jane Goodall speak about chimpanzees, conservation, and her own growth from shy child to scientific celebrity. In the early 1960s, she became the first person to observe c...
Categories: Campus life, Biological sciences
Tags: Chimpanzees, Primates

Book burden
Winter 2006
It's not news to anyone that textbooks are among a student's biggest expenses. But some of us have figured ways around paying the high prices.This fall, I coaxed my freshman sister, Kaytee, into sharing her book for the human development class we ...
Categories: Campus life, WSU students
Tags: Books, College costs

A home for music
Fall 2006
You don't always need an address to find the Friel House. Just follow the music.A short walk from campus, a group of music-minded students have found a home on C Street. The house looks small from the curb, but its three stories shelter seven stud...
Categories: Campus life, Music
Tags: Buildings, Music

The CUB: Back to the future
Summer 2006
Work has begun on a two-year, $86-million project to remodel the Compton Union Building. The plan is to modernize the 1951 building, carving out 53,000 square feet for stores and restaurants, installing a new state-of-the-art auditorium, and intro...
Categories: Architecture and design, Campus life
Tags: CUB

Foreign stories
Summer 2006
Crista Ames and Junko Matsumura are both bright, friendly, and soft-spoken. They are just a few months apart in age. And both want to go out and see the world.It was these common interests that brought the student from Kennewick and the student fr...
Categories: WSU students, Campus life
Tags: On Campus Living, Foreign Exchange

Cell phones help students and parents stay close—Sometimes too close
Spring 2006
Michael Johnston ('08 Bus. Admin.) switched his cell-phone plan in October. And the incentive wasn't just the free, high-tech phone or the low text-messaging fees. "I can get those mobile-to-mobile minutes with my family now," says Johnston. "Now...
Categories: Campus life, Communication
Tags: Teaching, WSU parents

The Clothesline Project
Spring 2006
Haunting and colorful, the Clothesline Project usually stops students in their tracks as they head across the Glenn Terrell Mall to class. It's a display of several hundred t-shirts made by people connected to Washington State University with mess...
Categories: Campus life, Visual arts, Fine Arts
Tags: Pullman life, Artists

Heart Trouble
Fall 2005
Last fall workers planted a painted bronze heart sculpture by internationally known artist Jim Dine just steps from Stadium Way on one of Washington State University's busiest intersections.Painted bright blue, the sculpture stands about 12 feet hi...
Categories: Campus life, Fine Arts
Tags: Sculpture

Washington State loves its literature
Summer 2005
In a report released last summer, the National Endowment for the Arts warned that literary reading has declined over the last 20 years. Scary stuff, huh? So we did our own informal survey of faculty, students, and alums. Their response? Read on!
Categories: Literature, Campus life
Tags: Books, Reading, Library

Bear Bones: A Murder Mystery
Summer 2005
It must have been easy to drop the body into this part of Pullman, a section that sees so little traffic. The old county road was research land where hardly anyone but the groundskeepers ventured. But somebody had an ugly secret to hide.
Categories: Campus life, Entomology
Tags: Crimes, Death, Forensics

University buys Adams Mall
Summer 2005
In 1909 it opened as a schoolhouse and became the center of the College Hill community. In the '80s it was made into a shopping center for retail and restaurants and a hot night spot at the heart of the Greek system. And this summer, Adams Mall wi...
Categories: Campus life
Tags: College Hill

A Little Bronze—Strategically Placed
Fall 2004
Although it might be better known for wine and wheat, Walla Walla is also home to one of the most prominent fine-art foundries. For a short time this fall, 32 sculptures cast at the Walla Walla Foundry will reside at 13 locations across the Pullman campus.
Categories: Fine Arts, Campus life
Tags: Sculpture

On call
Winter 2003
Student firefighters at Washington State University have a long tradition of protecting their campus.
Categories: Campus life
Tags: Firefighters

The lure
Winter 2003
The stakes are high for universities across the country in competition for students. Washington State University improved its odds with its recreational gem.
Categories: Campus life, Athletics
Tags: Buildings, Enrollment

All for one, one for all
Winter 2003
In the president's conference room I have placed a Smithsonian Institution poster showing a group of about a dozen meerkats. For many years I have been fascinated by these small mammals, about the size of prairie dogs, that survive in the harsh co...
Categories: Campus life, WSU faculty
Tags: WSU presidents

A magnet for entertainment: Beasley celebrates 30th anniversary
Winter 2003
As Beasley Performing Arts Coliseum marks its 30th anniversary this year, there's been much to appreciate about the multi-purpose building. It has a great sound system and sightlines. The entertainment is big time and varied—Broadway shows (Jesu...
Categories: WSU history, Campus life
Tags: Beasley Coliseum, Buildings

Cooking for 7,000
Summer 2003
Categories: Campus life
Tags: Dining halls

Late-Night Dining
Summer 2003
Categories: Campus life
Tags: Dining halls

Right on CUE
Fall 2002
Today students are finding new ways to work collaboratively, across academic disciplines and distance, and often in ways not convenient before at WSU.The hub of this activity is the new $32 million Samuel H. Smith Center for Undergraduate Educatio...
Categories: Architecture and design, Campus life
Tags: Administration

New graduates entering a different world
Spring 2002
Washington State University’s newest graduates are entering “a world vastly different and more dangerous than it was before September 11,” a world that cries out for their leadership in government, in science, in business, in education, in t...
Categories: Campus life, Alumni
Tags: Commencement, Politicians

Two million volumes and counting
Winter 2001
IN APRIL 2001 the WSU Libraries celebrated the acquisition of their two millionth volume. At a reception in the Owen Science and Engineering Library, botany and biology faculty, library faculty, and longtime friends gathered to thank Ed...
Categories: Campus life, WSU collections, Library and museum studies
Tags: WSU library

WSU reports record enrollment
Winter 2001
Over the past year fall semester enrollment at Washington State University’s four campuses grew by 2.5 percent—from 21,248 to 21,794. The freshman class at the Pullman campus is the second largest in history and the most div...
Categories: WSU students, Campus life
Tags: Students, Diversity