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The China Connection
Fall 2012

China buys $11 billion of Washington exports and sells the state $31 billion of imports, in the last few years overtaking Japan as Washington’s second largest export destination. With WSU’s efforts to overcome linguistic, informational, and trade barriers, who knows where that economic relationship might lead?

Categories: Education, Languages and linguistics, Business
Tags: Trade, International education, Chinese language, China

Language, Money, and Loss
Spring 2010
Sometimes loss can be an occasion for newly discovered vitality. Where better than the university to challenge ourselves to avoid linguistic lemminghood?
Categories: Campus life, Languages and linguistics
Tags: Business lingo, Language, Money

Language lessons
Winter 2007
When Saad Alshahrani came to graduate school at Washington State University, he didn't speak a bit of English.Addled by the long flights from Saudi Arabia, he tried to walk out of the airport in Seattle. He didn't understand that his new home was ...
Categories: Cultural studies, Languages and linguistics
Tags: Arabic

Noam Chomsky
Fall 2005
The surprising thing about Noam Chomsky in person was what he was not. Even though I was not intimately familiar with either his linguistics or his political writing, I had imagined him as stern and austere, too absorbed in thought to bother with ...
Categories: Languages and linguistics, Philosophy
Tags: Books

A New language
Summer 2003
Claudine Elian uses language in her art because, as she puts it, unlike representational art, words exist in their complete state only when they are both written and read. However, she also finds the Latin alphabet static and conforming. So she in...
Categories: Languages and linguistics, Fine Arts
Tags: Writing