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The Ethics of Climate Change
Winter 2012

A political scientist, a geologist, a philosopher, and a sociologist contemplate the ethical implications of an imminent problem: global climate change.

Categories: Environmental studies, Philosophy, Political science, Sociology
Tags: Climate change, Ethics

The end of free will?
Spring 2012
The wind said             You know I’m                         ...
Categories: Philosophy
Tags: Free will, Determinism, Neuroscience, Morality

Why Doubt? Skepticism as a basis for change and understanding
Spring 2007

Skepticism can forestall a too-willing acquiescence to the-way-things-are; it can distance us from dogmatism and ward us away from zealotry; it can expose our mistakes.

Categories: Literature, Philosophy
Tags: Skepticism

Noam Chomsky
Fall 2005
The surprising thing about Noam Chomsky in person was what he was not. Even though I was not intimately familiar with either his linguistics or his political writing, I had imagined him as stern and austere, too absorbed in thought to bother with ...
Categories: Languages and linguistics, Philosophy
Tags: Books