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Diabetes: It's still up to you
Fall 2005
Although Mary Ellen Harvey '58 knew about her type 2 diabetes for nearly 20 years, she wasn't managing it very well on her own. That changed when she joined thousands of other diabetics across the country in a diabetes management trial.
Categories: Health sciences
Tags: Diet, Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease

Portland pharmacist uses chemistry to duplicate natural human hormones
Summer 2005
Forget about over-the-counter pills and creams to reduce hot flashes, insomnia, and other symptoms of perimenopause. Don't bother with prescriptions for mass-produced synthetic hormones, either.Instead, why not use chemistry-or bio-identical hormo...
Categories: Health sciences, Alumni
Tags: Hormones, Physiology

What is this drug, and what does it do?
Winter 2003
On a typical day, a dozen pharmacists, physicians, and other health care practitioners will call the Drug Information Center (DIC) in Spokane for some help. "The questions run from easy ones we can answer right away to ones where three days from ...
Categories: Health sciences
Tags: Prescription drugs, Pharmacy