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Do you hear what I hear?
Winter 2006
A researcher at WSU Vancouver explores how the brain turns sounds into meaningful messages.
Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Neuroscience, Sound, Physiology

Portland pharmacist uses chemistry to duplicate natural human hormones
Summer 2005
Forget about over-the-counter pills and creams to reduce hot flashes, insomnia, and other symptoms of perimenopause. Don't bother with prescriptions for mass-produced synthetic hormones, either.Instead, why not use chemistry-or bio-identical hormo...
Categories: Health sciences, Alumni
Tags: Hormones, Physiology

An environmental mystery is solved, but answer points to larger concerns
Summer 2004
Vultures in India and Pakistan play a vital environmental role by quickly removing dead livestock, inactivating pathogens, and probably controlling the spread of livestock disease. Vultures are also essential to the "sky burials" practiced by Zoro...
Categories: Environmental studies
Tags: Physiology, Vultures

Survival Science: Joanna Ellington champions fecundity
Summer 2003
Joanna Ellington champions fecundity.
Categories: Health sciences
Tags: Reproductive biology, Physiology