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New Zealand mud snails: A tiny gastropod is a major problem here—not there
Spring 2005
They have already invaded the Snake River, Yellowstone National Park, and lots of other sites. They can reach population densities greater than 300,000 per square meter, carpeting stream beds and changing the way nutrients cycle through the ecosystem. It was a little difficult, though, to explain all of this to the gentleman who wanted to confiscate my snails.
Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Pest management, Snails

Just Buy It! Ty Bennett capitalizes on your impulse
Spring 2005
A shopper in the ice cream aisle pulls out a tub of mint chocolate chip and hesitates as she notices ice cream scoops hanging from a display on the freezer door. Ah ha, she thinks, it would be nice to have a real scoop instead of always using a sp...
Categories: Alumni, Business
Tags: Impulses