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The kinder, gentler orchard
Fall 2010

The Food Quality Protection Act of 1996 initiated the gradual phasing out of organophosphate pesticides. By 2012, the major chemical defense against wormy apples will no longer be available. But not to worry, thanks to a continuous refinement of Integrated Pest Management and collaboration amongst growers, industry fieldmen, and WSU researchers.

Categories: WSU Extension, Agriculture
Tags: Tree fruit, Integrated Pest Management, Fruit, Pesticides, Pest management, Horticulture

Welcome to Mildew Manor (And you think your house needs work.)
Spring 2007

No one would knowingly build a house this way. But this is Mildew Manor. And building it wrong is building it right.

Categories: Architecture and design, Biological sciences
Tags: Pest management, Mildew

No shrinking violet
Summer 2006
Researchers at WSU are finding that plants are surprisingly assertive. Based on their findings, a case could be made that the average potted plant is at least as active as the average human couch potato—and a lot smarter about what it consumes
Categories: Agriculture, Biological sciences, Botany, Alumni
Tags: Photosynthesis, Plant behavior, Pest management

New Zealand mud snails: A tiny gastropod is a major problem here—not there
Spring 2005
They have already invaded the Snake River, Yellowstone National Park, and lots of other sites. They can reach population densities greater than 300,000 per square meter, carpeting stream beds and changing the way nutrients cycle through the ecosystem. It was a little difficult, though, to explain all of this to the gentleman who wanted to confiscate my snails.
Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Pest management, Snails

A bug-eat-bug world
Winter 2003

If you can put other insects to work eating the insects that are bothering you, everybody wins. Except the pests.

Categories: Agriculture, Biological sciences
Tags: Entomology, Pest management

A summer job that meant something
Winter 2002
An entomology undergrad combats the worm in the appleWhen they hatch, they're so tiny you can barely see them. Then they eat. They bore their way inside an apple and consume it from within. After two weeks, they're half an inch long, pinkish orange...
Categories: Agriculture, Biological sciences
Tags: Apples, Pest management, Entomology