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Spring 2008


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The Home of My Family: Ozette, the Makahs, and Doc Daugherty :: Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Ozette is the cultural continuity. Makahs had lived in Ozette for 2,000 years and probably much longer. The village had been abandoned for only 60 years, and many Makahs still went there to fish and hunt. One elder called the exposure of the longhouses by the storm "a gift from the past." by Tim Steury

{ WEB EXCLUSIVE–Gallery: The Home of My Family :: Photographer Zach Mazur images the world of Ozette and the Makahs }

{ WEB EXCLUSIVE–Gallery: Excavating Ozette 1967-1981 }

Through the Garden Gate :: Invasive species—plants, animals, and microbes—have been estimated to cost American businesses and taxpayers at least $122 billion every year in damaged property, lost productivity, and control efforts. However, perhaps more costly in the long run is the damage done to natural communities. by Cherie Winner

{ WEB EXCLUSIVE–Story: Sparingly introduced in waste places }

A School in the Woods :: Many of the children who visit IslandWood have never been to the woods. Some are afraid to try new things, to walk in the woods at night, to touch a slug or pull apart a wild mushroom. Now, they're as much a part of the place as the wildlife. by Hannelore Sudermann


Meditations on a Strip Mall :: Why has architecture become an exercise in stage set building? by David Wang



:: SHORT SUBJECT: Ode to a tea set

:: IN SEASON: Taste of history


Cover: Cannonball, or Tskawahyah, Island, Cape Alava, Washington coast. Photograph by Zach Mazur.