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The Animal Mind Reader :: Beyond the notion that animals other than humans may indeed possess consciousness, Jaak Panksepp’s work suggests a litany of philosophical implications: How should we treat animals? Do we have free will? Where might we search for the meaning of life? Are our most fundamental values actually biological in nature? by Eric Sorensen

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Something Old Something New—A history of hospitality :: When Washington State College introduced its hospitality program in 1932, no one had yet imagined an airport hotel, a drive-through restaurant, a convention center, or the boom of international travel. Eighty years later, as the industry grows in new and unexpected ways, the School of Hospitality sends its graduates out to meet its evolving needs. by Hannelore Sudermann

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{ WEB EXCLUSIVE—Story: WSU’s Bell Hop }

Waiting for the Rain :: “The point of our visit was to talk about food, drought, and war. Begnemato sits in central Mali, in the east of Mopti province, where staples like millet and rice sell for six times what they did a year ago. Andoule blames their food problems on the fighting in the north and last year’s poor rains.... The previous year’s drought had depleted village seed stocks, and the conflict in northern Mali has either cut off many farmers from their fields or frightened them away.” From We Never Knew Exactly Where: Dispatches from the Lost Country of Mali. by Peter Chilson

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{ WEB EXCLUSIVE—Excerpt: Micronesian Blues A section of WSU Professor Bryan Vila’s book Micronesian Blues, about training police officers in South Pacific islands. }

{ WEB EXCLUSIVE—Video: After Newtown: Guns in America A PBS documentary on the role of guns in U.S. culture, with WSU emeritus Professor Joan Burbick. }


{ WEB EXCLUSIVE—Video: You sunk my battleship! A look at the intramural Battleship game in Gibb Pool at WSU, courtesy of University Recreation }


{ WEB EXCLUSIVE—Video: Greg Blanchard: WSU Chef }

New media

:: Blasphemy: New and Selected Stories by Sherman Alexie ’94

:: We Are the Bus by James McKean ’68, ’74

:: Chicago, Barcelona Connections by Greg Duncan ’98

:: WSU Cougars from A to Z by Carla Nellis ’90

:: New & Noteworthy: Planet Rock Doc: Nuggets from Explorations of the Natural World and The Whole Story of Climate: What Science Reveals about the Nature of Endless Change by E. Kirsten Peters; Blazing a Wagon Trail to Oregon: A Weekly Chronicle of the Great Migration of 1843 by Lloyd W. Coffman ’87; Career Choices for Veterinarians: Private Practice and Beyond by Carin A. Smith ’84

On the cover: Jaak Panksepp with zebra mask by Pierre-Marie Valat. Photo Robert Hubner

Summer 2013
Web Exclusives

A Night to Remember: Looking back at four decades of the Bell Hop dance

by Hannelore Sudermann | © Washington State University

The 1969 Bell Hop
The 1969 Bell Hop
Bellman of the year recognized at the 1956 Bell Hop
The 1956 Bellman of the Year

By turning the women’s gym into a nightclub for an annual dance, the students in Washington State’s Sigma Iota hospitality club drew attention to the hotel and restaurant program and raised money for their seniors to travel and tour some of the finest hotels in the country.

The Bell Hop was a longstanding fundraiser that started in the 1940s and lasted until the 1980s. Each year, the club selected a national bellman to honor and bring to Pullman for a series of events.

“In those days bellmen were really something,” says Jerry Burtenshaw ’56, who helped host the event when he was a student. In many cases the bellmen were the key contact with the customers, the concierges, the valets, the greeters for the hotel, and the experts on their cities.

The bellmen nominees came from around the country. In 1960, the students recognized concierge Robert Pollock from the Ambassador East Hotel in Chicago. He flew in to Spokane, and visited several restaurants and hotels there before traveling to Pullman to tour the hospitality classrooms and meet with students. Over the years other bellmen came from places like the Statler Hotel in New York, the Multnomah Hotel in Portland, the Hotel Patten in Chattanooga, and the Roosevelt Hotel in Seattle.

The events of the week were capped with the Bell Hop, where the Bellman of the Year award was presented. “It was like a nightclub,” says Burtenshaw, recalling the great effort the hospitality students put into hosting the celebration with performers, hostesses, great food service, and dancing.

Thanks to materials in WSU’s archive collection, we can look back at the Bell Hops at WSU.

The Bell Hop—1952
The 1952 Bell Hop The 1952 Bell Hop
The 1952 Bell Hop The 1952 Bell Hop

The Bell Hop—1954
The 1954 Bell Hop The 1954 Bell Hop

The Bell Hop—1959
The 1959 Bell Hop The 1959 Bell Hop

The Bell Hop—1969
The 1969 Bell Hop The 1969 Bell Hop

The Bell Hop—1970
The 1970 Bell Hop The 1970 Bell Hop
The 1970 Bell Hop The 1970 Bell Hop
The 1970 Bell Hop The 1970 Bell Hop

The Bell Hop—1982
The 1982 Bell Hop The 1982 Bell Hop
The 1982 Bell Hop The 1982 Bell Hop

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