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Roger McClellan - A suitable combination
Spring 2009
As a teen, Roger McClellan ’60 D.V.M. went to work at his high school farm. By helping manage a flock of sheep that were a control group in a Hanford nuclear facility study, he became part of a major research project on radioactivity in animals. ...
Categories: Alumni, Biological sciences
Tags: Biochemistry

The Secrets of Sweet Oblivion
Spring 2006
What happens in our brains when we go to sleep—and what happens to us if we don't sleep enough—are questions that keep this research team up at night.
Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Sleep, Biochemistry

Maybe it's not just in your head
Fall 2003
Imagine trying to lead your life while avoiding diesel exhaust, perfume, cleaning fluids, the myriad chemicals that give off gas from new cars, carpets, or treated woods and fabrics—and a whole lot of other things. That's exactly the case for the 10 million or so Americans who suffer from severe multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS).
Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Biochemistry, Multiple chemical sensitivity

The benefits of mustard
Fall 2003
Remember your first encounter with classic Chinese mustard? Your seared sinuses? Your cheeks washed with involuntary tears?What you tasted was the indelicate reaction of the mustard plant's chemical compounds, probably enhanced by the wetness of y...
Categories: Biological sciences, Agriculture
Tags: Potatoes, Biochemistry