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Do bugs have hearts and brains?
Spring 2015

Dr. Universe answers the question, “Do bugs have hearts and brains?”

Categories: Entomology, Education
Tags: Insects

The Scrambled Natural World of Global Warming, A Travelogue
Winter 2014

More than 20 years ago, entomologist Jesse Logan ’77 predicted that global warming would lead to the rise of the mountain pine beetle and the devastation of forests around the West. He was right. Now a menagerie of creatures, including beetles, salamanders, ticks, and birds, are caught up in climate change.

Categories: Environmental studies, Biological sciences
Tags: Insects, Forest ecology, Climate change, Entomology

Living the right-sized life
Spring 2012
I want to walk on water, climb walls, and dance on the ceiling. If insects can do it, it’s only fair that I should, too.But this thing called physics has decreed otherwise. Carol Anelli, a WSU entomologist, can tell you why, having a lifelong f...
Categories: Biological sciences, Physics
Tags: Entomology, Insects