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The roots of tilth
Winter 2014

Sustainable agriculture took a step forward when a group of Washington farmers, gardeners, and concerned citizens formed the nation's first organized efforts with Washington Tilth.

Categories: Agriculture
Tags: Organic foods, Sustainability, Tilth, Sustainable agriculture

A place of taste
Winter 2012

The local food scene is evolving and growing in Jefferson County on Washington's Olympic Peninsula.

Categories: Food, Agriculture
Tags: Organic foods, Local food

Mulch ado about garden plastics
Spring 2012
In 2001, Carol Miles certified WSU’s first piece of organic land, a three-acre parcel at the WSU Vancouver Research and Extension Unit. It was a landmark moment, leading the way for organicall...
Categories: Agriculture, Environmental studies
Tags: Gardening, Sustainability, Organic foods

Interview with Michael Pollan
Summer 2010
Michael Pollan has been a leading voice in the re-evaluation of how we eat and farm. The author of Omnivore’s Dilemma, the book selected for this year’s Common Reading, Pollan visited campus in January to talk with the students who had be...
Categories: Agriculture, Environmental studies
Tags: Organic foods, Food

Is organic more nutritious?
Winter 2009
This summer saw the publication of a study of the nutritional value of organic versus conventional foods by scientists with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Based on a review of 55 articles they judged of satisfactory quality, t...
Categories: Agriculture, Food
Tags: Organic foods, Nutrition

BJ Duft - Of meals and missions
Fall 2008
At age 24, BJ Duft found himself in Bill Marriott's private jet face-to-face with the CEO of Marriott International. They were headed back to Washington D.C. from Penn State University where Duft '86 had gone to do some on-campus recruitin...
Categories: Alumni, Agriculture
Tags: Restaurants, Organic foods

Whither organic?
Winter 2006
With a new organic major and a strong history of research, WSU is a leader in organic agriculture. But is that enough to keep up with the demands of a burgeoning organic industry?
Categories: Agriculture
Tags: Sustainability, Organic foods

From dirt to dinner table
Fall 2003
Chuck Eggert '71 likes to do the right thing. He also likes good food. He has combined those likes into a natural foods empire.
Categories: Business, Food
Tags: Organic foods

Happy cows, contented ranchers
Fall 2003
Joel Huesby sees himself as conducting a harmonious symphony of life that includes soil, plants, animals, and people. His steaks taste great, too.
Categories: Agriculture
Tags: Livestock, Organic foods