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Making decks safer
Fall 2006
Decks are right behind hurricanes and tornadoes in the number of injuries they cause involving wood building components.
Categories: Engineering
Tags: Materials engineering, Wood

A Winner: Small-World Photomicrography
Summer 2004
This photograph of a thin copper film surface by former Washington State University materials science student Megan Cordill won 16th place in Nikon's 29th annual Small World Comp...
Engineering, Fine Arts
Tags: Awards, Materials engineering, Photography

Wave of the Future
Summer 2004
Hands-on training doesn't get better than this. After six months of construction, Washington State University assistant professor of architecture Robert Barnstone and 10 architectural design students recently completed what is essentially the worl...
Categories: Architecture and design, Engineering
Tags: Wood, Construction, Materials engineering

Building the Perfect Bone
Summer 2003
With a new baby as inspiration, and an interdisciplinary team to help, husband and wife Amit Bandyopadhyay and Susmita Bose have set out to solve the puzzle of how to imitate nature's growth of the human bone.
Categories: Biological sciences, Engineering
Tags: Bones, Materials engineering

Leveling the playing field
Summer 2003
In softball, success or failure happens when the ball meets the bat. The faster a batted ball travels, the greater the likelihood of a batter's success. Softball bat manufacturers are using technology to create bats that hit the ball harder than e...
Categories: Athletics, Engineering
Tags: Softball, Materials engineering

Maloney honored for contributions to wood materials engineering
Spring 2002
Growing up in the mill town of Raymond, Washington, alumnus Thomas M. Maloney may have been destined to wind up in the wood products industry. In fact, he spent his entire professional career at Washington State University working with wood.Now pr...
Categories: Engineering, WSU faculty, Awards and honors
Tags: Materials engineering, Wood