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State of Wonder
Summer 2014

A childhood spent in Washington has never been better. Our abundant natural resources, our trove of teachers and volunteers, and our commitment to child development make this a great state to grow up in.

Categories: Washington state history, Education
Tags: Outdoors, Child development, Children

The Storyteller—Patrick McManus ’56, ’59 MA
Summer 2011

Patrick McManus’s comic formula depends on his creation of a world of oddly named characters with generous and adventurous souls. And a markedly different perspective. “As far back as I can remember,” he writes, “I have seen funny. What may horrify normal people may strike me as hilarious.”

Categories: Alumni, Literature
Tags: Humor, Authors, Outdoors, Fishing, Hunting

The Perfect Hunt
Summer 2011
Nearing total exhaustion from my janitorial labors, I plopped my 19-year-old bones down in the cushy leather office chair of Dr. Seymour Slick, Dean of Science. Had I been of a thoughtful nature, I might at that moment have reflected th...
Categories: Humor, Alumni
Tags: Hunting, Outdoors, Short stories