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Summer 2014

Salmon are a major part of the region’s culture and cuisine, as five Washington State University faculty and alumni can attest.

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The Storyteller—Patrick McManus ’56, ’59 MA
Summer 2011

Patrick McManus’s comic formula depends on his creation of a world of oddly named characters with generous and adventurous souls. And a markedly different perspective. “As far back as I can remember,” he writes, “I have seen funny. What may horrify normal people may strike me as hilarious.”

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What's the catch?
Summer 2011
The rainbow trout has evolved over millions of years to survive in varied but particular circumstances in the wild. The hatchery rainbow fl ourishes in its relatively new, artificial surroundings, but its acquired skill set compromises its evolution. The rainbow has so straddled the worlds of nature and nurture, says biologist Gary Thorgaard, that it has become “a world fish.”
Categories: Biological sciences
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Dungeness crab
Spring 2011
A few weeks ago, Brian Toste ’99 and his three-man crew set out from Westport, in southwest Washington, in Toste’s 45-foot vessel Huntress in search of Dungeness crab. They spent the first few days tying line and setting out ...
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