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Alumni Achievement Awards
Spring 2015

Gaymond ’63 and Cindy Schultz, along with WSU scientist Lynne Carpenter-Boggs ’97, received Alumni Achievement Awards last year for their accomplishments.

Categories: Alumni, Engineering
Tags: Alumni Achievement Award, Scientists

Big Ideas
Summer 2010
We delve into WSU's rich intellectual history, listing some of the great ideas and discoveries that have come out of our institution.
Categories: WSU history, WSU faculty, Agriculture, Biological sciences, Social sciences
Tags: Research, Science history, Innovation, Scientists

WSU Big Ideas, Discoveries, Creations, Conceptions, People (a suggestive list)
Summer 2010
The Uniqueness of Pacific Northwest Flora and Fauna C.V. PiperLargely self-taught as a naturalist, Piper believed he needed to classify the flora and fauna of the PNW so other scientists could better understand the uniqueness of area. Published F...
Categories: WSU faculty, WSU history
Tags: Innovation, Scientists, Science history, Research

Homage to a difficult land: An African scientist returns home
Spring 2003
Beset by a relentless drought, the Sahel seems in unstoppable ecological decline. But Oumar Badini will not give up. There must be some way to help Mali farmers reclaim the land.
Categories: Agriculture
Tags: Africa, Mali, Scientists, Public service