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Global War and Christian Nationalism
Summer 2015

An excerpt from American Apocalypse: A History of Modern Evangelicalism

Categories: Political science, History
Tags: Politicians, Apocalypse, Evangelical Christianity

Dan ’44 and Val ’46 Ogden—Staying activist in older age
Summer 2013

Val and Dan Ogden don't let their age stand in the way of being community and political activists in the Vancouver area.

Categories: Alumni, Public affairs
Tags: Activists, Politicians, Democratic Party, Volunteer

Dan Newhouse ’77—Farm to director’s office
Summer 2012
In 2009, Dan Newhouse ’77 was walking through the wings of the state House of Representatives when the governor’s chief of staff approached him with a surprising offer.Newhouse was a four-term Republican representative from Sunnyside and fl...
Categories: Agriculture, Alumni, Public affairs
Tags: Politicians, Hops, State government

George Nethercutt Jr. ’67—Knowing our nation
Spring 2011
George Nethercutt Jr. ’67 may not be in Congress anymore, but he still yearns to shorten the distance between Washington, D.C., and his home state of Washington.The effort has kept the Spokane native busy since he left the House of Repres...
Categories: Education, Public affairs, Alumni
Tags: Politicians, Civic education

Mieko Nakabayashi ’92—Making policy public
Winter 2010
Growing up in late 1960s Japan, Mieko Nakabayashi had an unlikely goal. The eldest daughter of a farmer-turned-land-developer, she dreamed of living overseas.“I was so curious about the world,” she recalls.Four decades later, that Saitama Pre...
Categories: Public affairs, Alumni
Tags: Parliament, Politicians, Japan

Civility in Politics and Campaigns
Winter 2010
Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed '63, '68 is recognized by his smile and civility as well as his nonpartisan statesmanship. Fortunately, he is not entirely alone.
Categories: Political science, Communication, Alumni
Tags: Civility, Political advertising, Politicians, State government, Legislature

Understanding the “Civility Crisis”
Winter 2010
There is a reason why rude and loutish political talk shows dominate the airwaves—they attract huge audience ratings and advertising dollars. But is rude behavior good for democracy?
Categories: Public affairs, Political science
Tags: Journalism, Politicians, Civility

A Seat at the Table: Senator Patty Murray '72
Summer 2009
When Patty Murray '72, after a year as a state legislator, set her sights on the U.S. Senate, she got little encouragement. “You haven't paid your dues,” they said. “You don't have enough money. You don't know the right people.” None of that made any difference to Murray.
Categories: Public affairs, Alumni
Tags: Politicians

Dave Edler - "A real tough kid"
Fall 2008
During his years as a Cougar baseball player, Dave Edler got chewed out many times by Bobo Brayton for his wild and headstrong ways. Once, Brayton caught his young star using marijuana. Edler told the coach that his father didn't mind. "...
Categories: Alumni, Athletics
Tags: Baseball, Politicians

What I've Learned Since College: An interview with community leader Mary Alyce Burleigh
Winter 2007
Two years ago Mary Alyce Burleigh bought herself a bright yellow scooter. The former Kirkland mayor and current city council member uses it to zip around town to meetings and local fundraisers. She finds she is as busy in her retirement as she was...
Categories: Alumni
Tags: Politicians, Community activists

Ruth Bennett: A former 'Youth for Nixon' puts a crimp in Christine Gregoire's majority
Summer 2005
The way Ruth Bennett figures it, if the Libertarian Party candidate hadn't been on Washington's ballot for governor, Christine Gregoire (D) would have waltzed to an uncontroversial victory.As it turned out, Gregoire's winning margin of 129 votes m...
Categories: Alumni, Public affairs
Tags: Libertarians, Politicians

Whirlwind tour
Spring 2003
On an August morning, Senator Murray '72 visits Dayton to hear its concerns.
Categories: Alumni
Tags: Politicians

Alumni Association recognizes Woods, Prince, past presidents
Spring 2003
A professional forester and a former state senator have received the Washington State University Alumni Achievement Award.Richard I. Woods ('58 Forestry Mgmt.), a 44-year veteran of timber harvesting, marketing, and appraising, was recognized at a su...
Categories: Awards and honors, Alumni
Tags: Alumni Association, Alumni Achievement Award, Politicians

New graduates entering a different world
Spring 2002
Washington State University’s newest graduates are entering “a world vastly different and more dangerous than it was before September 11,” a world that cries out for their leadership in government, in science, in business, in education, in t...
Categories: Campus life, Alumni
Tags: Commencement, Politicians