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The company that eats together
Summer 2012
Rebecca Portnoy started thinking about shared meals and came across a memory of closing time in a particular restaurant.“I had been at a Seattle sushi restaurant at the end of the night, and the leftover sushi was being moved to a communal table ...
Categories: Business
Tags: Management, Eating, Organization

Eat your broccoli or no cookie: Feeding styles and childhood obesity
Spring 2012
Ever try to get a child to stop munching potato chips and eat some carrots? That push toward healthier foods can sometimes contribute to familial strife, make it difficult for children to tell when they are full, and even increase the p...
Categories: Health sciences, Food
Tags: Eating, Nutrition, Parenting, Children

First We Eat
Winter 2010
She studies appetite. He studies satiation. Together, Sue and Bob Ritter have plumbed the mysteries  of what happens when we eat.
Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Eating, Brain, Satiation, Appetite, Neuroscience