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Civility in Politics and Campaigns
Winter 2010
Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed '63, '68 is recognized by his smile and civility as well as his nonpartisan statesmanship. Fortunately, he is not entirely alone.
Categories: Political science, Communication, Alumni
Tags: Civility, Political advertising, Politicians, State government, Legislature

Understanding the “Civility Crisis”
Winter 2010
There is a reason why rude and loutish political talk shows dominate the airwaves—they attract huge audience ratings and advertising dollars. But is rude behavior good for democracy?
Categories: Public affairs, Political science
Tags: Journalism, Politicians, Civility

Common cause
Winter 2010
For reasons explained later in this issue, I was walking down Pike Street on a beautiful day in July with Rafi Khalil Nasar, an Afghan lawyer. We were just discussing the difference between civil and Shariah law w...
Categories: Public affairs, Political science
Tags: Civility, Public service