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The kinder, gentler orchard
Fall 2010

The Food Quality Protection Act of 1996 initiated the gradual phasing out of organophosphate pesticides. By 2012, the major chemical defense against wormy apples will no longer be available. But not to worry, thanks to a continuous refinement of Integrated Pest Management and collaboration amongst growers, industry fieldmen, and WSU researchers.

Categories: WSU Extension, Agriculture
Tags: Tree fruit, Integrated Pest Management, Fruit, Pesticides, Pest management, Horticulture

The best berries
Summer 2010
These are not your ordinary grocery store strawberries. They are nothing like those California berries, bred for size, long truck rides, and shelf-life, locked in plastic clamshells under the florescent lights of the produce section,. The berries...
Categories: Agriculture, Food
Tags: Skagit Valley, Strawberry, Strawberries, Fruit