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Bringing history and historian together
Winter 2011
Historian Douglas Brinkley recently visited Seattle to interview William D. Ruckelshaus, the founding head of the Environmental Protection Agency and advisor to a variety of Northwest clean water and community groups.Ruckelshaus first mad...
Categories: History, Public affairs
Tags: Ecology, Government, Public service

A Washington sabbatical for Afghan scholars
Winter 2010
We’re an Afghan/WSU contingent marching up Western Avenue in Seattle. Four Afghan men, all good friends, are dressed in suits and carrying big bouquets of flowers. They are in a boisterous mood. Not only is it a glorious day, they have WSU-...
Categories: Public affairs, Political science
Tags: Afghanistan, Public service, Government

Common cause
Winter 2010
For reasons explained later in this issue, I was walking down Pike Street on a beautiful day in July with Rafi Khalil Nasar, an Afghan lawyer. We were just discussing the difference between civil and Shariah law w...
Categories: Public affairs, Political science
Tags: Civility, Public service

Broadcasting as public service: Peter Jennings refreshes the Murrow vision
Fall 2004
What would veteran newsman Peter Jennings tell students seeking a career in broadcasting today?His wife posed the question to him when they were in Pullman for Washington State University's 30th Edward R. Murrow Symposium April 14. The answer came...
Categories: Media, Communication
Tags: Public service, Edward R. Murrow, Broadcasting

Is there life after basketball?
Winter 2003
Donaldson finds it in business and communityJames Donaldson would like you to know that he's fine not playing basketball. Sure, the former Washington State center spent 20 seasons in the National Basketball Association and on the European cir...
Categories: Business, Athletics, Alumni
Tags: Public service, Basketball

Street vet
Fall 2003
Every other weekend, Stan Coe '55 turns the dayroom of Seattle's Union Gospel Mission into a veterinary clinic.
Categories: Veterinary medicine
Tags: Public service

Homage to a difficult land: An African scientist returns home
Spring 2003
Beset by a relentless drought, the Sahel seems in unstoppable ecological decline. But Oumar Badini will not give up. There must be some way to help Mali farmers reclaim the land.
Categories: Agriculture
Tags: Africa, Mali, Scientists, Public service

Taking the University to the people
Winter 2002
Cooperative Extension still offers advice on how to can your tomatoes or care for your chickens. But it also does much more, probing needs and providing solutions in every corner of the state.
Categories: Agriculture
Tags: Cooperative extension, Public service