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Bringing up babies
Spring 2015

Writer and editor Tracy Cutchlow '97 leveraged her personal and professional experience to help new parents with raising children.

Categories: Psychology
Tags: Brain, Babies, Child development

First We Eat
Winter 2010
She studies appetite. He studies satiation. Together, Sue and Bob Ritter have plumbed the mysteries  of what happens when we eat.
Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Eating, Brain, Satiation, Appetite, Neuroscience

Dear reader
Summer 2010
A printed magazine story sits alone on a page with relatively little competition for the reader's attention. An online story sits only a few keystrokes from a torrent of other stories, tweets, videos, free classifieds and emails. And why exactly does this matter?
Categories: Computer sciences, English, Communication
Tags: Digital world, Reading, Internet, Computers, Brain

Memories Are Made of This
Spring 2002
Neuroscientists Jay Wright and Joe Harding can approximate Alzheimer's symptoms in a rat by injecting a certain protein into its hippocampus. What's more, they can reverse those symptoms.
Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Memory, Neuroscience, Brain

Why do we sleep?
Spring 2002
James Krueger wants to know why the average person will spend 219,000 hours asleep.
Categories: Health sciences, Biological sciences
Tags: Sleep, Brain