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Life Histories: The Butterflies of Cascadia
Fall 2012

In documenting the life histories of Cascadia’s butterflies, every one of the 158 species represented a separate research project. The result has been a wealth of biological and ecological knowledge that simply did not exist before David Nunnallee and WSU entomologist David James began their monumental task.

Categories: Entomology, Biological sciences
Tags: Butterflies, Cascades

Of Time and Wildness in the North Cascades
Spring 2010
Bob Mierendorf has spent the last couple of decades trying to convince the archaeological establishment that pre-contact Northwest Indians did not confine themselves to the lowlands, but frequented the high country. Now he has an ancient camping site to make his point.
Categories: Archaeology, Earth sciences
Tags: Tephrochronology, Cascades, Native Americans, National parks

North Cascades Highway: Near Washington Pass
Spring 2010
Although the native people crossed the North Cascades on foot for thousands of years, white settlers dreamed of a more readily traveled northern route. The Washington legislature committed its first funding for such a route in 1893, based on ...
Categories: Washington state history
Tags: Highways, North Cascades Highway, Cascades