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Backyard boarders
Spring 2014

Last fall 10 Washington State University architecture students wandered into Seattle-area backyards to work on the idea of backyard cottages as transitional housing for the homeless.

Categories: Architecture and design
Tags: Homelessness, Housing

Time Out in the World
Summer 2010
Today's graduates aren't just dropping into the rat race. They're going to Africa, South America, Seattle and Spokane. They're out to see the world and make a difference.
Categories: Social work, Alumni
Tags: Charity, International development, Housing, Volunteer

Housing by the numbers
Winter 2009
From his corner office in Johnson Tower in the midst of Washington State University’s Pullman campus, Glenn Crellin is far from the most populated parts of the state. Still, from his vantage, he contemplates rental rates around the Puget Sound,...
Categories: Business, Economics
Tags: Real estate, Housing, Homebuyers