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Renewing your plates
Spring 2012
Get Your “Crimson to Go” New Cougar Plates Hit the RoadFor several years the Washington State University Alumni Association has had designs on a new WSU license plate. This January, plans to replace th...
Categories: Alumni
Tags: License plates, Cougar gear

How Coug Are You?
Fall 2005
Would you paint your airplane crimson and gray? Or drive hundreds of miles to wave the Cougar flag at a non-Coug game? Or keep a concrete cougar in your yard? Well, how Coug are you?
Categories: Alumni, WSU students
Tags: Fashion, Cougar gear, Cougar pride

From Russia with Love: Cougar matryoshka dolls a big hit
Fall 2002
Sue Senner’s (’80 Comm.) travels occasionally take her to places like Chornobyl, Ukraine, and Moscow, Russia. She is a project manager for the International Nuclear Safety Program (INSP) at Battelle Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Ric...
Categories: Alumni
Tags: Russia, Cougar gear